How does Terry demonstrate his work as a medium?

Clairvoyant demonstrations

The medium demonstrates their ability to give proof of the spirit contact and the message the contact wishes to convey. This type of presentation is open to the general public. Tickets are available for purchase in our webshop.

Private reading

SEK 850 for 30 min

Please note: At the moment Terry’s private readings are fully booked. 

The purpose of a private reading is to give evidence of life after death. Loved ones, relatives and friends who are not with us anymore have the possibility to make contact with you through a medium. The spirits coming through can be anyone who has had some form of relationship with you. Sometimes old relatives that you may not have had the opportunity to get to know in life might also come through. It is always spirit that decides who comes through to leave a message for you.

We recommend that you record the private reading on your phone.

Psychic Consultation

SEK 850 for 30 min

At the moment Terry’s psychic consultations are fully booked. 

Do you need help understanding paranormal experiences or the alike? This type of consultation is to help you recognise what you are experiencing and the purpose. This can help create a better foundation for you to stand on and some may experience that they receive a better structure to their thinking. This can also be a good opportunity to find new focus, perhaps you will be offered a new direction that you have not considered before.

We recommend that you record the psychic consultation on your phone.

To book a Private reading or a Psychic consultation with Terry, contact the office at:

Phone: 0581-519 00