Would you like to give your animal a voice?

I am a certified animal communicator and I do remote readings. Send me a picture, either via email or via regular post, where only the animal in question is portrayed, and with eyes visible, also enclose information about the animal’s name and age.

I will contact you, so that we can agree upon a time when I can contact you and give you the information I have received, then you also have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also receive a complete documentation of the communication with your animal.

You are very welcome to come to me with your friends!

Astrid Hagelskog Evans

Booking and contact

E-mail: info@creativexperiences.com
Tele: (+46)0581-519 20

Creative Experiences Terry Evans AB
Att: Astrid Hagelskog Evans
Fanthyttan 321
71196 Storå


Price per animal: SEK 850 incl. VAT

*We reserve the right to change prices.

Astrid Hagelskog Evans

So, what is actually animal communication?

It is a transmission of energies. The animal lives in the present and has the ability to communicate with one another at a distance through telepathy.

When I communicate with an animal I put logic aside to be able to receive the animal’s energy. I enter the same level of energy as the animal and receive pictures, words, feelings, pain and sometimes colours. I write everything down that comes to me to be able to convey it to the owner.