You are welcome to book a session with me, Astrid! I offer Animal Communication and Spriritual Guidance.

I am a certified animal communicator and medium (mental mediumship), educated by Margaretha Tärnström, Sweden.

Animals have always had a special place in my heart, already as a child. I grew up with, what I thought was, the most beautiful Alsatian on the planet. Little did I know that he would pave the way for my life’s dream that I now realise in my life.

Animal Communication

I work with remote readings. Send me a picture, either via email or via regular post, where only the animal in question is portrayed, and with eyes visible, also enclose information about the animal’s name and age.

I will contact you, so that we can agree upon a time for the communication. I require 45-60 minutes for one session. Afterwards I will call you and present the information I have received, then you also have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also receive a complete documentation of the communication with your animal, via email or regular post.

You are very welcome to come to me with your friends!

Astrid Hagelskog Evans

So, what is animal communication?

It is a transmission of energies. The animal lives in the present and has the ability to communicate with one another at a distance, through telepathy.

When communicating with an animal I put logic aside to be able to receive the animal’s energy. I enter the animal’s level of energy, where I receive pictures, words, feelings, pain and sometimes colours. I make notes of everything I receive to be able to convey it to the owner afterwards.

Spiritual Guidance

I also work as a medium and offer spiritual guidance by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Spiritually and intuitively I will see your abilities and possibilities, and if there is something blocking you. I work as a link between you and spirit. I receive messages through feelings, pictures, words and sometimes colours.

You will receive help during the session, but I cannot tell you how to choose, because the final decision lies with you.

I only work with people over the age of 18 years.

I work under a code of silence.


Animal Communication: SEK 850 incl. VAT per animal

Spiritual Guidance: SEK 750 incl. VAT for 30 minutes

*We reserve the right to change prices.

Booking and contact

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