I would like to share an experience with you all. I am sure you have experienced it to some degree. Of late I have felt as if I have one foot in the here and now and one in spirit. It is like I am walking a middle line. It is an experience that is just there, it almost feels as if my brain is removing things that are no longer needed in my life. What I feel very strongly is that I am leaving a part of myself and my mind, it is as if my mind is being prepared for something in the future. I do not know what it is, but it is not frightening. All I know at this moment in time is that I am moving forward.

Something new is on the horizon, a new beginning. It is interesting and exciting, but I cannot put my finger on it. It is like being in two different worlds at the same time. Spirit is very close to me and offers me little glimpses of what is to come. But I am not meant to understand, it is just about receiving just now. If I let my need to understand and my impatience were allowed to take over it would have a negative effect.

I have been through this before, but never to the same degree as I am now. It is a bit surreal. As I walk this road, I am having experiences that I can relate to that is connected to the research I have done before. It is like I am going to learn new tools. I am in no hurry and this is making me feel very calm. It is a bridge I must cross.

This is not about me passing over to the other side. My brain has just opened up in a new way and I can feel spirit working on my mind. When we are in such a transition, we feel confused: What is going to happen? All I can say is: Feel it, experience it, without trying to put it into a structure or a box. The more you open you will be showed why you had to go through this. When we have these experiences, it is a mistake to try to hurry the process, to try and make it happen quicker. Your ego will just get in the way.

The past year has given me time to think and receive without any outside influences, apart from Ascala. I am quite comfortable with this and I feel at peace not knowing what to expect. It tells me very clearly, with all my decisions, I have done the right thing for me. I have allowed my mind and my higher consciousness to synchronise even more.

The first time I went to Vänersborg it was like coming to a place I knew and felt familiar with. It felt right. I realised that it was spirit guiding me.

When I write this text, I do not think. I just do and let the words flow, without demanding of myself what it should be. This makes me much more creative and in touch with myself and spirit. The strange thing is, when you allow yourself to walk this middle line it gives you a wonderful sense of freedom without “you must”. The last few months I have been able to walk this middle line in such a leisurely pace.

I will say to all of you, whenever you find yourself searching for answers, just let it be without you seeking or demanding. Let it flow and you will get all the answers you need. Try it out, but do not forget we have to play our part too.

I would be interested to hear your insights.

/Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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