I read the original manuscript for the first edition to my book “Berget – Vägen till Frihet” (The Mountain – A Road to Freedom) the other day. There is one chapter about an alien encounter. When I was actually writing it, I thought it was just a meditation experience. As I read it now, I realised that all this is actually connected to the research I did in China, on the mind, a few years ago. So what I thought I had just realised a few years ago I had actually already realised many years ago. This opened a new door and I realised that I had new material to write about. What is this spirit world we talk about? What are these higher dimensions? What is their purpose?

What I would like to share with you is what I realised after the research in China and how it connects with my earlier experiences, which I believe is a form of technology that will take us into the future. It is all connected to quantum physics.

I would like to begin by sharing the chapter mentioned above with you.

As Ascala thought, he generated energy extending from his hands, casting a beam of light out into the universe.  We climbed into that beam, travelling at the speed of thought, through the tunnel formed by its structure.  As if, in a flash, our journey neared its end as we decelerate in momentum that carried us.

Ahead, there was what appeared to be a space station, it signaled its permission that we would be allowed entry.  The beam of light that had transported us here connected with the receiving light of the ship.  As we entered we were met with a hive of activity. Quickly, we were shown to what appeared to be a command centre.  A regal figure, introducing himself as the Captain, indicated that he wished to conduct the tour personally.  Ascala urged me to waste no time.  The sequence of timing was of the utmost importance.  Those who manned this space craft had other duties to perform.  As the Captain spoke of his ship with tones of reverence, I could see the love and respect that in a masterful way had allowed this complex piece of technology to fulfill its function.
– Yes, he nodded, as I anticipated his thoughts. Our job is to monitor the earth’s consciousness, your consciousness.  If from our readings we detect an area of imbalance within your energy field, or your environment we can then draw upon the many differing forms of universal technology, that are available to us in order to alert you to the possible dangers that exist.  This station also acts as a conductor.  We channel the energy that we beam to your consciousness so that, hopefully, whatever the nature of the imbalance, it can eventually be readjusted.  Not the smallest detail escapes us, whether it be in thought, word, or deed.  It is at times with sadness, we observe from this vantage point, the devastation that is caused by the earth’s inhabitants’ thought processes.  By that we mean the Human Beings.  All is relayed back through the universal consciousness to be stored in the memory bank of time, thus creating a pattern of things to come.  Since you left your earthly body, our form of radar tracked you as you progressed through the different dimensions, bringing you to this moment of reality.
– How is it possible for a spacecraft to travel such vast distances? I humbly enquired, knowing that my scientific and technological level of expertise was almost non-existent.  During my school days, I certainly hadn’t been the most adored student of my teacher of science.

My enquiry obviously touched a soft spot within the Captain’s personality because his reply carried an enthusiasm.
– Imagine that a solid piece of matter, as you know it, be it metal, plastic or wood, has in-built sensors.  As this object of matter travels its course through the dimensions you know to be outer space, it enters a different atmosphere.  The sensors instantaneously relay signals to the molecular structure of the solid matter.  Thus, in so doing, changes the inner composition of molecules, automatically altering the outer form of the solid matter, so that it harmonizes with the outer sphere through which it travels.
– I think I understand, was my reply.

He offered the patience of the experienced teacher who has spent an age administering to the uncomprehending minds of his scholars.  He offered a comparison:
– It is not unlike your own inner psychic sensors – intuition. As you travelled the different spheres of energy, your sensors sent signals to your inner consciousness, thus allowing your intellect to evaluate all that was happening.  Therefore, you were requested to change habitual patterns of attitude so that you might also continue to travel through the varying forms of everyday consciousness.

At this point of the adventure, my brain was beginning to ache.  Ascala and I thanked the Captain and his crew for the insight they offered.  A door slide open and we reconnected with our own light ray.
– One more stop, then it will be time for you to return home, said Ascala.

Again we found ourselves being propelled along the beam of communication, taking us through this world of mystical symbols.

Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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