When people hear the name Terry Evans it is the medium they think of, most of the time. I do not think of spirit all the time. Like everyone else I also have practical matters to deal with in life. I do not live with spirit all the time.

My wife and I went to the lake the other day, it was such a beautiful day. It is the simple things that gives me pleasure, working in the garden, going for a walk – just being. Some people believe I am in contact with spirt 24/7. This is a part of my life that I have come to terms with, it is there, but as a medium you need to remember to take time for yourself and just do every day things. It is so nice to do something where my mind is completely silent. I like to cook and read ordinary everyday books, like fiction novels.

I also like people, ordinary people. At times it can be a pressure when people think I know and see everything about them – I do not. I need to take time out to do ordinary things and then I do not connect with spirit. Right now, I am on holiday and then it is my time, not spirits time. It is important for me to recharge. Working as a medium is my life’s purpose, but I also must respect Terry and give him what he needs from time to time. For me that is about taking each day as it comes without any expectations. It makes me more aware of what I have around me.

Be kind to yourself, whoever you are, whatever you do.

/Terry Evans



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