Terry Evans, a name that conjures up all kinds of images and imaginings. Being from North America and not at all familiar with Terry’s reputation as a medium and energy worker, I was definitely curious though absolutely not in awe.  After all… we are both energy workers doing similar work. 

Normally, when meeting someone with a ‘reputation’, I try to steer clear of their media as my resource material, preferring to get to know them personally, but I did do enough prep to ask a few intelligent questions so there wouldn’t be any deadening blank spaces in the conversation, but with Terry, his outstretched hand, big welcoming smile and open curiosity were all it took.

Terry had only just heard about my energy work with highly sensitive empaths, and I’m not that famous, so I wasn’t really sure why he agreed to meet me, but he did. At least, I wasn’t sure until we shook hands on that little hill in his garden by the fish pond. We played the empathy geography game by comparing notes on how spirit began our life’s work training back when we were children.  So many parallel experiences. Terry and I are about the same age so, we grew up in similar societies though on different sides of the world. We both understood as children the restrictions of being who we really were, out loud in the real world. But Terry was way ahead of me on going public at a young age.

If you can imagine a waterfall gushing fresh, grounding energy, you might sense what I felt when we first shook hands. Refreshing… that was one of the first differences I noticed with Terry. In his presence I feel refreshed… bubbly, a delicious feeling. Now add to this, connecting energies swirling in and out of each of our protective energy barriers… Not many people get this human concept of interacting quantum energy vibration, but Terry does! The world shifted slightly for me when I realized how open Terry’s protection was, he was welcoming me as an open book. More than refreshing! Exhilarating!

“Normally I feel guarded around others who say they can do
all that Terry has proven he does so well

Sun shining down, a light breeze that matched the energy swirling out of each of us…  I felt the freshness of his spirit… something so unique in a human being that I was tickled to know more. Normally I feel guarded around others who say they can do all that Terry has proven he does so well. Another shift, to add to freshness and openness, was trust that there is work we are supposed to do together, even though we’ve not yet been told what that work is to be.

In a 90 minute conversation I was inspired to my roots by the ongoing cascade of sharing, validating, grounding and rooting deep into the earth as energy workers on the same mission. The work that we both do is similar though unique to how our guides inspire each of us.

Terry asked me to write about what shifted for me from our meeting.  It’s been about two weeks and I needed a little distance to observe the shift. So here it is… Confidence in being open to a total enfolding and intercepting of energies without any barriers…  each leaving its imprint without any disruption or force.

We shared our mutual, overlapping histories for close to an hour and half. So many stories of our pasts and presents that mirror each other. There may be a destiny at work here… not sure yet, but I’m certainly willing to keep this conversation open for a while longer.  

“I’ve always felt solo in this world, as a human who is surrounded by guides.

Some of Terry’s stories finished mine as some of mine defined his. I know this all sounds so mysterious… Then Terry asked me what our conversation was doing for me and I had to pay attention to more than the nice feeling of having met someone my own age, who does what I do, understands the intricacies of being an energy worker responsible for space and time in ways that most people could never begin to understand.

Meeting Terry validates the unknown that I’ve always known to be true in the spiritual realm, but rarely encountered in the human realm. I’ve always felt solo in this world, as a human who is surrounded by guides. Meeting Terry, validated that another solo human being sees his life in a similar way. I’ve always been a messenger, having been taught by messengers. Terry confirmed that I’m not solo in this even though my guides have been saying this forever. I’ve been told that I’m an earthbound guardian within a group of eight guardians, though I’ve yet to meet two of my group. Is it possible that Terry is one of my earthbound companions? If so, just the possibility of what is possible is mind-boggling.

His expression of his life purpose is the mirror to mine, which is to leave a generation of adults capable of teaching the children to use their gifts and talents to heal their worlds so that within a generation or two or three humanity will have regained its soul.

Did meeting Terry for 90 minutes change my life? Every meeting changes my life… but did meeting Terry do something else?  It’s a breath out… a connection… a ripple of future potential of what might happen if Terry’s life work and mine somehow intermingled at a few stops along the way… that could change the future. I breathed out fully and completely, without reservation.

Sue Rumack
Empath Trainer
Curageous Path HSP Empath Support





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