In the early eighties my company sent me out to South Africa to a place called Secunda, wich was situated in what was formally known as the province Transvaal. The town Secunda was purpose built to provide accommodation and services for the people that were working in the oil refinery of Secunda. During the construction of Secunda there had been numerous fatalities caused by industrial accidents. A number of Europeans had also been killed in rioting on the plant. In the beginning of my contract I lived in a hostel that was part of the Secunda complex. After only having been there a few days one night I was awoken by a spirit man who stood beside my bed and was asking me who I was and what was my name.

It was obvious that he was European because he spoke to me in English. He was in fact asking me for help, because having passed in a tragic way he was still held fast in that remembered trauma. It became clear that he was one of the Europeans that had been killed in the rioting of previous years. He recognized that I had the ability to see him and feel him, because it does not take long for spirits to know those who can sense their presence. We spoke only for a matter of minutes, and that short conversation enabled him to see the spirits that were waiting for him, thus enabling him to walk towards the light.

This was just one of the many experiences I had working in this place. During my stay there I spent a lot of time working in the company of the Africans. I found them fascinating people. Amongst their ranks were Zulus, Xhosa and many others. Very often I would sit with them during their mid-day break at their compound listening to their stories; stories of their lives. On one of these occasions I heard spirit whisper. They wanted me to give a message to one of them. The man in question understood everything that was given to him and the spirit person it came from. On this particular day there were just about ten of us. Word spread quickly about what had happened on the compound and before I knew it, 10 became 20 and 20 became 50 with each passing day.  However, it reached a point where I had to ask spirit to stop whispering to me, because my first priority there was to do the job I was paid for.

The Africans I worked with taught me so much about their philosophy of life and their way of thinking. As we worked together on that plant providing scaffolding for the different trades and engineers so they could gain access to do their work in the maintenance programme of the plant, it became obvious that they began to see me through different eyes and had another kind of respect for me. The spirit of the African is quite different from that of a European. They have much better contact with their feelings and will express them much more openly. I remember them singing with their African chant as they were lifting heavy loads and in so doing became one body. The sound of their rhythmical singing had a haunting effect on me and still remains with me up until this day.

On the day I was leaving, when my contract was finished a man by the name of Thomas Mkoinse came to say his farewells. He took of his bracelet from his wrist and his words were:
– Mr Terry, whenever you want my spirit to visit you, just hold my bracelet and my spirit will come.
In that moment the spirits of Thomas and Terry met, their souls united. Thomas still comes and pays me a visit from time to time even though many years have passed. I believe when there is a true spiritual bond between two people, no matter what the distance is geographically, their souls can still find a meeting place.

After my stay in Secunda I went to spend some time with a relative who also lived in the same province. One day she said:
– By the way Terry, we have been invited out for dinner tomorrow evening to friend I have who lives out on this old farm way out in the bush.
I had started to realise there was an ulterior motive to our visit, so the following day, as we were driving to this house I turned to my relative whose name was Peggy and said:
– Okay, what is the problem with this house?
She laughed and said:
– I wondered how long it would take you to pick up that! She then began to tell me the story of what had happened. The house, an old farmhouse dated back to the late nineteenth century, had previously been rented by some young people. One day one of the men was found dead. When they did the post mortem there was no clinical reason to why he should have passed. Subsequent to his passing there had been a lot of strange phenomena happening in the house. Traditionally each farm would have its’ own burial plot for the family. The man that we were having dinner with asked me if I could check out the burial plot to see if any of the disturbances was coming from there.

An African night is dark and as we left the house and walked along the track going towards the family burial ground suddenly, out from the trees, leaped the spirit of an African and in an angry voice he said to me:
– What are you doing here? I am the guardian of this place. He was very agitated and in the dialogue that followed I explained to him that I had entered into his domain without realising. People often ask me: Have you ever been afraid Terry? On this occasion I was afraid I had been met with the unexpected and this was a new experience for me. I made my peace with the guardian and we continued. When we came to the old graves everything was peaceful. What was causing the problem?

We returned to the house and then the young man that had died without reason appeared to me and he explained to me what had happened. He had been experimenting with out of body experiences and on the day of his death, when he had left his body, he told me that he had been confronted by the same African spirit that I had met as I walked along the track. He had been met with the same aggression and anger which had really traumatised him. Such was his shock, the so called silver cord had been severed and he had not been able to return to his body. When our spirit body leaves our physical body, the two bodies are connected with what is known as the silver cord and should this be severed for whatever reason, that is when death occurs. Hence the reason why there was no clinical reason found as to why he passed.

As I met that African as I walked that track, because of my early training and experiences working as a medium I had the experience, even though being afraid to handle the unexpected phenomenon. The young man that had been experimenting with allowing his spirit to leave his body had neither the knowledge nor the experience to handle the unexpected.

My early teacher taught me never to deal with things I do not understand, unless there is an experienced person around. When working with mediumship it is my belief and experience that we should be in good emotional balance. That is what my spirit guides also have taught me.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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