As a part of the Psychic Investigation course, the students were assigned to go to Lindesberg Stadshotell. Ingela Lendin Collin, who is one of the teachers at Terry’s course centre Gamla Byskolan also joined in. Ingela says:
– Since I am a trained psychic investigator myself, I could not resist partaking in an investigation. It was very interesting to see how many students that picked up the same or similar events and spirits in the different rooms.

People that has spent the night or worked at the hotel has experienced uneasiness and different kinds of paranormal activity in the rooms, the corridors and the kitchen. As a final test the students were invited to make an attempt at clearing out the hotel; ease the heavy energies and help spirits possibly stuck make their journey to the other side.

The group worked in pairs and together analysed the different rooms. In some rooms the students recognized the same energy. Ingela explains more into detail:

We started in the Grand hall, where even I sensed a stern woman that felt like an old school matron. There was a lot around her that was heard and seen, footsteps, rattling keys and porcelain etcetera.

In the King’s hall I got a feeling it wasn’t easy to keep all chairs in check, they were dragged out even though they had all been pushed in under the tables. Many memories of upper class men and women. Many of the students experienced headaches and nausea because of all the energy stuck in the walls, something that affected everyone going in there, more or less.

In some of the bedrooms the air felt so thick and heavy of old energy, it was hard to breathe. And in many rooms spirits that needed help to the other side were discovered. Several rooms felt unusually cold and many got different kinds of scent sensations.

Later, when we got to the restaurant, we just wanted to leave right away. I felt many uneasy energies and spirits, especially in the kitchen. Some of them would have thrown things down on the floor and it felt like the kitchen staff was met by resistance from time to time. Things suddenly disappearing, rattling and other noises from porcelain and shattered glass. Much of this are memories from long ago, all up until present time.

Lastly it was time to guide the lost spirits to the light and to filter out the negative, unwanted energy. The whole group gathered into a large ring, and together we assembled the spirits that would later find the light. And with a joint effort we cleaned the house from old energy. It felt clear and light before we finished up and returned to the school.

Now we hope that the personnel and the guests at the hotel will feel the same.

The students that participated in this big investigation was: Anett Abbor, Anki Hertz, Anki Pettersson, Eva Björklund, Eva Storgaard, Fredrica Lange, Johan Hedvall, Jonathan Ede, Karin Lindgren, Kristina Granlöf, Marie Klintebäck, Nellie Andersson, Nina Hed, Sophie Olsson, Susanne Blomqvist and me, Ingela Collin Lendin.

These students are now certified and ready to continue their journey to become full-fledged psychic investigators. And I wish them good luck.

I, John Petterson, was present during the psychic investigation as the photographer and it was interesting, to say the least, to watch the students work. Perhaps one has watched Det Okända on TV and have seen mediums work, but it was something else to see it with your own eyes. Even if the room was completely silent during the session it felt messy, like thoughts rushing in and disappearing just as quickly, even though it wasn’t my thoughts.

I tried to not be a nuisance with the clicking camera. Since I believe my sixth sense isn’t as developed, I didn’t feel the presence of any concrete spirits or energies, but I experienced dizziness during the visit on the upper floor.

When the students gathered in the ring to help the spirits to the other side it was surprisingly silent, but regardless you could really see that the students were busy.

John Pettersson


Afterword by Terry Evans
Before reaching any final conclusions whether this had been a successful investigation or not it was important to leave it for a few weeks. Then when I spoke to the hotel manager, Ann Christin Gryth, she said that someone from housekeeping had had an experience, but by and large things had become much calmer. I also took the opportunity of thanking her for giving us this opportunity to investigate the hotel.

As we went in there the hotel immediately started to tell its story, as to what had happened with the history of the place, referring to different events and those spirits that had been stuck for whatever reason. We hope that many of them were ready to move on from the place that they were stuck. When the students opened the portal to help them into the light, many of them were able to take the opportunity to go to the light. Much of the old collective energy of the hotel also seemed to be cleaned up. I think that you will find that the hotel is an interesting place to stay should you be visiting the Lindesberg area. I would myself not mind spending a night there to see what else I could pick up.

Once again, thank you Ann-Christin, for giving us the opportunity to investigate the Lindesberg Stadshotell.

/Terry Evans


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