In late December of 2012 I was privileged to received an invitation to journey to China. The travel was for me to meet members of the intellectual world for discussions etc. Apart from that I had no expectations. China for me was a place that I had heard about when learning my history at school and what the news media had fed me as far back as I could remember

At the airport we were met by those who had issued the invitation and were greeted warmly, my friend and colleague that had accompanied me had visited China many times. I have travelled a great deal in my life and always been the one in control, but this was a new experience, something felt different and I could not put my finger on what it was.

Something within came alive
The first days we were given time to get to know those who we would be cooperating with at the University. I loved the way my hosts placed emphasis on, before dialogue can begin it was essential spending time getting to know one another. We were shown many of the sights of this region of China. As we walked through the parks and visited the temples I began to realize what a dynamic place China is. It is amazing how the old and the new live alongside one another. One could say it is a paradox how two different dimensions can cooperate with one another. I felt like a child soaking every experience, and even now as I write this article I cannot really find the words to portray what I experienced, but something within me was coming alive, doors within my mind were opening offering revelations of something that was new, but deep within me was very old. I was connected with something within.

A Buddhist temple

Then I remembered an experience that I had when I was 22 years old. When standing in front of me one day was this Buddhist monk dressed in full array; a visitor from the dimensions of my mind. I could see him very clearly, in detail, the colour of his skin and as he stood before me he started to communicate. Everything he spoke to me in the language of telepathy. He offered such a sense of wellbeing, such a sense of belonging and then I realized the effect China was having upon me as the experience embraced me. I was being drawn to something within. Something that I was becoming conscious of. Doors within my own mind were opening. Suddenly one day, I said to my travelling companion: “Whatever this experience is offering me I know that I have been waiting for it all of my life.”

As I write this the monk stands before me again and he simply smiles. Then he says: “That is why you have been drawn to these eastern cultures these past 10 years, because it is part of your potential and something that needs to be awakened so that you can walk towards the future.”

The research project begins
By the beginning of the second week of our stay dialogue had really began between myself, my Swedish companion and members of the Chinese scientific fraternity, as to whether it was possible for science and spirituality to come together, with the principal aim to both scientifically and spiritually take a step forward and develop the consciousness of mankind. The dialogue continues, which has proved to be very interesting, but it is not the right time to arrive at conclusions. That is the nature of science.

Working closely with the professor and the postgraduates, the psychic experiences I had during the experiments proved to be mind-blowing, on a personal level, and took me into realms within my mind that I had never visited before. There would be this spirit man guiding me through these experiences and taking me to the very limits of what I could endure physically and mentally. On a personal level it gave a very clear indication of what could be achieved should collaboration between the world of science and human consciousness begin.

The visions that I experienced indicated that information from the spirit dimensions could assist greatly in creating equipment in the area of bioengineering that could one day really benefit mankind that in some respects could eradicate the unnecessary use of surgery etcetera, but the rest of that story is for another time, other milestones must be reached first.

A visit at the Buddhist Academy
The second week we were invited by the monks to the Buddhist Academy at the Lingyin temple to eat lunch with them, which in itself was a revelation. Prior to eating the monks began to chant and I believe that was their way of honoring the food that they were about to receive, but as we ate our food that was sacred and we did it in silence to focus on what was being given. The amazing thing I realized about Buddhism is as they live their life they certainly live it in the now and focus their minds to cut off from the unnecessary chatter that goes on in our brains, but in that calm moment I suddenly felt a sense of panic, my skill in eating with the use of chopsticks had not improved that much. I suddenly found myself using these chopsticks with a much improved ability, but not yet an expert, in the company of the Buddhist brotherhood in this environment words were not needed just the feeling of being one with yourself and the knowing that everything is interconnected.

Buddhist Academy

A meeting with learned men
We also met with the Buddhist elders and entered into discussion, an exchange of views on spirituality and science. It was amazing as we offered something of ourselves to realize that even though the eastern and western cultures are so different the road is the same. Meeting with these learned men and the experience of the college proved to be a high point of my life. As I discussed with the monks I felt as if I had come home. The way they conducted their lives, with simplicity and balance, was inspiring; to give without demanding to receive, with the philosophy that what we give from our heart with sincerity will always come back to us and all our needs will be met.

Then my guide, the spirit Buddhist monk, whispered: “When I showed myself to you many years ago what we offered you here in china as an experience is an aspect of your potential that we now wish you to realize, and once you realize it will take you to the next step of your spiritual journey”. I did not bother to ask where it would take me. I knew that was a pointless question, because I knew that journey could only be experienced and encountered one day at a time.

The qi-energy
I was also introduced to a very nice gentleman who practiced qi-gong and had been doing so for many years. He helped me understand the nature of it and how it could be controlled and used. This was something that my spirit counterparts had been training me to do two months prior to leaving for China, but I had not understood that it was about the qi-energy. Each day I practiced it and I realized that I had experienced it many times before, but I had not known what it was called.

Returning home
Time was drawing near and it was soon time for me to be returning home and it was with a certain sense of sadness that I said my farewells to China, to the people that I had worked with, that I had got to know a little better throughout my stay. At this conjuncture I will not use titles, just names. I offer my  respects and gratitude to Mr. Guang Li and his good wife Hong-Chin along with Xhou-Xhou, Ting-Ling, Ruifen, to name but a few of the wonderful people who contributed to making my first visit to China memorable.

The China experience was a signpost that hopefully I am going in the right direction and hopefully am following the pathway that has been preordained for me. My spirit counterpart the Buddhist monk has shown me a new way. It has taken me almost a lifetime to reach this level of awareness about myself. I thank him for his companionship and his fortitude in guiding me and keeping me on my intended path. The feelings of many years ago that I could not put words to or intellectually understand, as he conveyed his messages and his words, it was only with time and experience that I could begin to understand their value.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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