Ascala Frequency Healing – A three-part program

The Ascala Frequency healing method is based on work that I (Terry) did together with a Swedish scientist during intense research work in China. I discovered a mind-map with nine different levels of consciousness:

When I got to the fourth level of consciousness I realised that is the point where I leave behind logic and intellect and enter another part of the human mind. The fifth level in particular comprised of five different colours and when I looked at it more closely I realised that the frequency there, if transmitted correctly, could have a positive effect on the person’s emotional and physical well being.  This has clearly been indicated with the work done with research groups that are the basis of this frequency programme.

On the sixth level everything become various shades of light, colours seas to exist. As I travel to level nine that is where I come to the frontier where we are able to connect with the universal intelligence.

It becomes apparent that the universal intelligence knows everything of a human being. Emotionally, mentally and what a person’s life purpose is etcetera. So when I am using this frequency process, through me as a natural channel the universal intelligence knows exactly what kind of combination of frequencies they need to send to re-balance the frequencies of a person’s life force. As these frequencies are sent out they start breaking down old patterns and old ways of thinking that no longer serve a purpose. In so doing people become more conscious about themselves.

It is also very important that the participants are ready in playing their part in achieving a feeling of well- being. It is not a question of everything being served to you on a plate. There has to be a commitment from the participants on this programme.

When we work with these frequencies it will awaken your feelings and can help to clear away unwanted debris.

You will be given certain colour codes to focus on during the program. This helps to awaken your consciousness and it is connected to the Ascala Frequency healing method. More information about this will be given to you during the programme and it will hopefully help you become more aware.

This program can start a process and make you more conscious of how you can work to help yourself.

/Terry Evans