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Ascala News is now taking a break for an indefinite period of time. The page will still be open to all who seek inspiration. You are all invited to read the articles presented in Ascala News’ archive.
Terry Evans will continue posting new material on his blog, which is also part of Ascala News. The blog is updated on a weekly basis.
We send all our lovely writers and readers a big thank you! We hope to see you soon! /Terry Evans and editorial team

Samples of Ascala News

Crossing over to the other side

During my years as a working medium I have been asked many questions about what it is like when our spirit leaves our body...

My students are my teachers

When we finish a course, and the students are return to their ordinary lives, I am always very curious what they will take away...

Transformation of the Ego

It was early spring when I first set foot in Fanthyttan. Leadership and Personal Development was the name of the course I was attending....

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