I remember the time my life was at a crossroads. This was in the beginning of 1989. I was looking for direction, I did not know where to go. I was seriously considering closing down the company I had at the time. It was not related to spiritual things. The housing market crashed and many of my customers were forced into bankruptcy. I felt really sad about this, but I had a choice.

At the same time I had started feeling restless. I had been doing my work as a medium for free, in the London area. It took me into a world where I felt alive – I had a purpose. It was not just to earn money. Ascala had been preparing me for something, but I did not really understand what it was. I was waiting for his answer, because I needed the help.

At home one day the telephone rings. A woman with a strange accent presented herself and said she was Gudrun Marteinsdotter calling from Reykjavik. She had heard about my work in London and I had been recommended to her by another medium. She wanted me to come to Iceland for a couple of weeks, to do some work. I was a bit surprised and taken aback. It came quite unexpectedly. Then I remembered what a medium had predicted many years ago: “One day you will work in the north.” Before I could answer I had to collect myself. I heard Ascalas voice saying:
– Take the opportunity, you are ready for it! So, I said to the lady:
– Okay, I will come to Reykjavik and work with demonstrations, private readings and healing, for two weeks.

A new phase
This began the next phase of my life. In February of 1990 I found myself on an aeroplane heading towards Iceland. I arrive at the airport of Keplavik. I was told there will be someone receiving me there. There I was standing alone in the crowd looking for this person that was supposed to be there to collect me. The crowd dispersed, and there I saw a man seemingly waiting for someone. He came up to me and asked if I was Terry Evans. He said:
– The reason I did not step forward to meet you was because you really do not look like a medium in your leather jacket and jeans. You look more like a fisherman returning from a period of work at sea.

When we arrive at the home of Gudrun Marteinsdotter I was greeted by her daughter. She welcomed me warmly, but I felt really vulnerable asking myself: Am I really ready for this? I did not know much about Iceland.

’’As I stood there on the platform being introduced to the people I felt a sense of panic.

The next day I started giving private readings. Another fear came up, I had to work with an interpreter! Something new to learn. The following day Gudrun Marteinsdotter outlined the program for the two weeks and said:
– You are going to do a demonstration.
I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. When the time for the demonstration came and we arrived at the place where it would be held part of me wanted to back off, but I knew that I would not. The question I asked myself were: Am I ready for this? Can I do this? Will it work? I had never given such a demonstration with so many people before.

As I stood there on the platform being introduced to the people I felt a sense of panic. I was able to keep calm and in balance, but it was a struggle. The evening worked okay, but I knew it was not my best work.

With time I got a feeling of what kind of people the Icelanders were. They welcomed me in the society called The Way of Light where Gudrun was the president. I sat within meditation groups. It was fascinating to see the different ways of their work. Being part of it taught me a lot. I remember quite clearly how Gudrun always opened the evening with a prayer and asked the light to come and guide us.

New insights
As my stay came to an end I did not feel so nervous, but I could feel disappointed with myself because I had not met my own demands or expectations. I hoped that the spirit world was as satisfied with the work I had achieved as Gudrun Marteins. Those two weeks made me realise something really important. Up until that point, the way I had worked with spirit was to learn, to develop the gift I had been given. I was so glad I had taken my time and developed my mediumship slowly. I realised that it had given me the basis and made me ready to take this new step. I felt closer to Ascala than ever before. Gudrun said:
– I would like you to come back and work for me this coming winter.
But I was still going through the process of deciding what to do with my company. I did not want to make a snap decision. She said:
– I will be visiting England in August anyway, so I will look you up and ask you again.

’’If you continue to work in this honest way we will always work with you. So therefore there will always be work for you.

Back in England
When I returned home to England I heard Ascala’s voice saying:
– Go to the local spiritual church. I was staying with my girlfriend, who lived in another part of London, so it was not my regular church. There I sat in the audience not expecting anything to happen. The first person the medium went to was me. She knew nothing of me. – Spirit is telling me you have been working in a new way in a different country. They are very happy with your work, she said.
My ego did not think so. Then she said:
– Spirit watched you handle some people who had come to you just to hear how successful they would be. They asked you many questions, but you refused to fall into that trap. Some were disappointed because they did not get the spirit contact they wanted. But they were impressed with you, that you told the truth and did not try to impress. If you continue to work in this honest way we will always work with you. So therefore there will always be work for you.

Then the medium went to someone else in the audience and I sat there with a feeling of relief. I had not been aware of what she said. I just worked, and thus gained a lot of experience. I did not always please people or get everything right. But I needed the experience to realise that I had grown and that Ascala was satisfied with the work I had done.

A new purpose
After a few days life went back to normal. I knew that they wanted me to return to Iceland. In August Gudrun appeared, it was good to see her again. Her first question was:
– So what decision have you made? At the time I had closed down my business, because I realised it was no longer my purpose. Ascala had given me this challenge to go to Iceland and I felt that I wanted to continue with that work. I felt as if the second part of my life had begun. Gudrun just smiled from ear to ear when she heard the news about my company. Then she said:
– Now you can come to Iceland and work for the whole winter.
I had no doubt I had found the next part of my life’s journey.

It was fascinating to learn more about the Icelandic culture, because of their special character. I was so pleased that I had accepted the challenge Ascala had issued.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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