I have often wondered what this thing we call spirit really is. These last ten years it has opened up even more. One could say it is like a multifaceted diamond, to simplify things. Each facet projects its own individual light that has its own unique frequency and purpose. It is intelligence in its purest form. Each light it projects has its own purpose. I have now understood that spirit is part of that universal intelligence. It is a place with many different realities.

I believe the universal intelligence is the very core of that diamond. The quantum mechanics of the universal intelligence far exceeds what is known to man.

Many times when I have been called by Ascala I have travelled through these light beams that I talk of. These concepts were introduced to me in China where I was shown the mind map and was taught how to travel through the nine different levels of consciousness. That took me on a journey into the labyrinth of the universal intelligence.

I remember one time in particular, when Ascala summoned me and said: “I am taking you home, I am going to show you where you come from.” It could be likened to astral travelling. As we made this journey it was like I was returning home. It was one of the most powerful journeys I have ever made with the Ascala intelligence. He called it a place of welcome. This happened many years ago. When I cast my mind back into time I can now understand, with each journey I have made and with each experience that it gave me that the universal intelligence comprises of many different realities, with infinite knowledge.

After the research I did in China I can now understand that the map spirit gave me, gave me access to a portal which once passed through took me into that world of frequencies and networks. It has made me aware of that beyond my logic and mind there are many different realities, perhaps beyond imagination. I believe in UFOs and could it be that they use the same networks that I have travelled, where solid form as we know it is not necessary? For everything is transparent, nothing can be hidden or denied.

The following is the extract from the book Road to Freedom (Vägen till Frihet) that I refer to in the text above. I wrote it many years ago. Every point I made in that book can be likened to a puzzle. It was given to me bit by bit over the years, as I progressed, giving me access to an intelligence that brings science and spirituality together.


It was good to travel with Ascala. We were entering a different atmosphere. Clouds of differing colours drifting up towards us from a world below; carrying with them an invitation. As I looked below, I noticed that this particular planet projected from its core, what appeared to be a million light beams, their colours ever changing. As I watch this magnificent ball of light, one of the projecting light beams detected our presence. A voice infiltrated my psychic centre and I heard the words:
– You are keeping to schedule.

We began to make our descent, gliding down through what I now recognised to be layers of healing energy. Some of their properties were known to me but a multitude of others were completely foreign. It was certainly a revelation to be able to realise that my own energy field changes and reacts to the different energies it encounters.

Guided down through the void of light, we stepped out onto a landing platform. There, waiting to greet us was my father. He said:
– At another level of consciousness, I told you of my work here in spirit, helping those souls who have just completed the transition you know as death. This is the place of which I spoke.

That now familiar paternal figure then directed us to a position that provided us with an excellent vantage point so that we might observe the wonderful panoramic scene that met our eyes.

Beams of light offering their energy reached as far as the eye could see, out into the universe criss-crossing like ballerinas, the background offering a thousand different shades of violet and blue. The spectators of this vast melodrama being the stars. Its effect was hypnotic, this healing sanctuary among the stars. A place where whatever one’s ailment, whether it be of an emotional, mental or physical nature, was immediately attended to, just by entering into this world that is full of love and compassion. As my father began his instructive narrative, I was quickly brought back to my senses. He glanced at me and said:
– I see that you feel it also. This is a reception centre for the souls leaving behind their earthly incarnation.

He paused, allowing us to take a mental note of the ongoing activity. For such a busy place, everything felt so serene, peaceful. He continued:
– As the arriving souls step from tunnels of light that convey them to this place of love, they are met by loved ones who, themselves, travelled back from their own levels of spiritual attainment to assist in the healing process. Families and old friends meet in the joyous moment of reunion, helping the new arrivals to leave the past behind. There are those who arrive in a state of bewilderment, not quite knowing where they are. However, the welcoming party quickly allay any fears. Orderlies stand by to administer to the needs of those souls whose incarnation was ended abruptly, for whatever reason, and subsequently, finding themselves in a state of emotional and mental shock. Others simply refuse to accept that their earthly incarnation has ceased but, with loving care they are coaxed and counselled to the point of acceptance.
– What about those souls who remain attached to the earth’s consciousness? I found myself asking my father. He replied:
– Imagine that a spirit person receives training to assist in the rescue of those earthbound souls. As one of our rays of light was able to detect your presence as your soul entered this planet’s orbit, such is the case of the earth-bound; as was pointed out to you when you visited the space station that monitored the movement and activity of earth. Nothing within your world can remain undetected. Therefore, the condition of a departing soul’s spiritual and mental state will unconsciously begin transmitting a signal. Thus giving the space station an exact location of the earthbound soul, which is relayed back to us here.  We then direct one of our light beams to the reference given, inviting the soul to enter into its vibration. If this doesn’t prove to be successful, we then, if possible, employ the help of someone such as yourself.
– I suppose you will well remember the time when your friend, the young English boy, tragically departed your world as a result of inhaling a toxic substance.  You were given that news from a friend but, at the time, did not have access to the 15 year-old’s parents.  Some days later we called you to assist him. Through shock and grief, he was unable to sense the vibrations of our light because of the ensuing trauma. As you travelled through that level, that world in between worlds, you intuitively sensed his vibration and were able to go to him. His recognition of you certainly helped and, the reassurance offered, calmed him. The frequency of his own vibrations increased, thus allowing his own psychic centre to see our light and sense the warmth of its vibrations. At this point, any fear that had impeded your friend’s transition had been cleared, thus allowing his soul to assume control.  Many earthbound spirits are often those who, during their lifetime, were not able to resolve certain emotional or materialistic issues. Thus creating a psychological block which, in turn, denied any influence that the spiritual body might have exercised.
– There is always a choice, as the butterfly in your meditation taught you.  We can only offer to these souls, we cannot demand. Even at this stage, they must decide for themselves. For example, greed, addiction and fear can prevent the outgoing spirit access. Suicide can never be used to escape any form of responsibility or karma. One will always be faced, upon arrival, with a record of ones earthly endeavours. However, we in the realms of spirit, must stress that the God force is always one of love. Therefore, every arriving soul is treated with equal attention.

The narrative finished, my father gestured us to follow.

A healing sanctuary

Friends were waiting. We entered what can only be described as being a healing sanctuary. All around, souls receive whatever healing is necessary to eradicate the mental and emotional conflicts from their being.  We were led to a group of recent arrivals. One of their number volunteered to speak with us. She offered her counsel:

– As we leave behind our physical body, obviously any physical pain experienced because of illness, etcetera, is left behind. I, myself, was a cancer victim. At this stage of my development, I just rest, and use the period for reflection. When I am ready, to accept their counsel like yourself, I shall seek the counsel of those who work within the “light of God”. It is now his counsel I try to seek and not my own.

We moved on and a man approached thanking me for the help I gave.
– What help? I asked.
– Do you remember a winter’s night, when you were called to a house because there had been much unexplained activity of a paranormal nature? As you adjusted the frequency of your psychic sensors, you were able to detect my unwanted presence within the house.  I tried to drive you away with my unresolved anger and fear. Fortunately, you refused to be controlled or influenced by my negative dictates. You persisted in your efforts, patiently accepting my anger, until it subsided. At which point, I confessed to you my addiction that I refused to leave behind. No, I did not influence those of your world to become addicted.  That is just an excuse used by those who do not wish to face the truth.

However, I can say this; that I would purposely seek those of your world who were inflicted with the same addiction as I. Allowing my mental body to absorb the sensations the incarnate soul was experiencing, whilst in that chemically self-induced state that occurs on a mental level. Even when we pass over we can still be addicted on a mental level, and when we are addicted on a mental level we for fit the natural protection we would have if we were in emotional balance. I would like to point out to those in life that when they are under the influence of a self-induced chemical in whatever form we lose our natural protection. In losing this natural protection we open ourselves to all negative influences either from within or from the environment. That is when we lose contact with reality and cease to be personally responsible for ourselves. When any form of toxic substance is administered your mental body becomes disabled, leaving your emotional body without the necessary protection  it requires to maintain a healthy balance – Once you understand this basic rule that addiction, in any form, can have the effect of us losing contact with reality, and the norm is that we do not realise it.

As you helped me rid myself of anger, I was able to follow you, as you increased your level of psychic frequency. You invited me into your light, therefore allowing me to accept the helping hands of spirit rescuers.

My message to those who remain addicted is to accept the responsibility for themselves and not to give the blame to others, whether the others have a carnate or disincarnate body.  Addiction is only a shield from which a deeper problem protects itself or, should I say, continues to remain hidden. To those of your world who wish to listen, I offer my message learned as a result of my pain. I, myself, would often use the excuse that all I would need to do was throw away my addiction and then all my problems would be over.  You must look at why you became addicted. Then, and only then, can you give it away.  Now I live at this level, there is no longer a physical craving but on a mental level, I continue to learn how to free myself.

I thanked the man for his loving words as we entered the children’s sector.  There, before me, lying on a bed of beautiful healing colours, was my young friend. He said:
– I am feeling much better and my new friends have promised that when my recovery has advanced a stage further, they are going to carry me back through the light so that I might communicate my continued existence to my parents. If you see them, tell them I am okay.
– It is nearing our moment of departure, Ascala informed me.

Channeling his beam of light, Ascala directed us towards a star. It was the morning star that hovered silently waiting. We touched its centre, only to be encircled by the six sub-personalities of the guides. We descended slowly, enjoying the revolving motion of the star. I looked below and a mountain came into view.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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