When I lived in Iceland I soon discovered that part of their culture was to believe in nature spirits. In many of the houses they had something like a “house elf” that would guard and protect the house. I must confess I was a little sceptic, at the same time as I found it very interesting. Many years later, during the research in China, I had confirmation that there are dual realities that live alongside us. However, our five senses is not enough to receive them.

A woman that came to Gamla Byskolan a few years ago told me that she worked with nature spirits. When she had checked our garden out, she informed me that the nature spirits had told her that they needed more water. “Terry needs to build another pond”. It was supposed to be built in my private garden adjacent to the school.

Then, about 18 months ago I had magical experience in my garden. I thought there was something wrong with my vision because I suddenly saw people – nature spirits – in the garden. I could see them clearly, they walked towards me, and then stopped. There was one gentleman that took the lead, he reminded me very much of a hobbit. He was short and stocky with a beard. He said to me:

– You really do not understand why you can see us, but this is not fantasy, we are real. We have come to show you that we have a unique intelligence, an understanding of how nature must be treated and worked with. We are going to help you expand your consciousness.

I asked:
– How are you going to do that?

He just said:
– You must be patient and wait.

So, I just put it to the back of my mind. From time to time this new reality, the nature spirits, very briefly would come and connect with me as if they were saying: We are still here, we have not gone away.

Earlier this summer we, the members of a project in Gamla Byskolan that we call the Ascala project, decided to take a little trip to test our skills. The first place we went to was Anundshög in Västerås, a place where you find Sweden’s largest burial mound. There are also great rings of stones that dates back to prehistoric times. As the group started reading this place, to understand some of its history, it opened itself up to us. Each medium present were given different insights into its history. For me, who is working with frequencies, as I looked down from this manmade hill frequencies started to take form and show themselves. I realised that if we could read and understand the messages that these frequencies are giving it would enable people of today to see and understand the history of that sacred place in a completely new way.

‘As we begun the walk it was as if I could see the outlines of a woman.

We spent the night in a place close to beautiful nature. In the morning we went on a nature walk with our guide, Magnus Pamp, a person with great respect for nature, history and people. As we begun the walk it was as if I could see the outlines of a woman. I asked:

-What are you?

She said:
– I am the spirit of the forest. This is my domain. You are welcome here. With open eyes and an open heart you will see that there are different dimensions even in this forest.

I was quite taken aback as she answered me. We walked slowly, taking in every feeling. It was as if every living thing in that forest was offering a vast panorama with colours and activity. As we walked the path way they followed us and entertained us. They were happy that we were there. It was unbelievable. All of my senses were overwhelmed, one could say. It was hard to take in all of the visions that my clairvoyant eye were receiving.

After a while we came to a bridge and as I looked to the other side of the bridge I saw a house with a sign “No entry, private area”. So we were not allowed to entry. Situated by that house there was a fir tree. It suddenly transformed into a picture of one could say, an angel. It opened its wings as to embrace us. It told us:

– Even though you are not allowed entry here you are welcome here in the forest and it pointed me in the direction I must follow.

Without realising it I was kind of walking in an alley way where there was four boulders, it was as if they were the guardians of the forest, as if they were checking the people as they passed through. I touched the stones and was offered a feeling of security, of belonging.

We walked alone or with the group, all experiencing different things. Then our guide, Magnus, brought us to a place where there a ring of stones, a gathering place. I sat down on one of the seats of this ring. As I looked up, I saw the clouds opening and revealing a portal. Suddenly a beam of light came through and hit the circle. It was powerful. It was as if this light were sending the message that heaven and earth are connected. I sat there for a while. My logic and concerns, my fears just floated away and disintegrated. A memory that will stay with me eternally. The portal eventually closed and we moved on, guided by nature and our feelings.

‘What I experienced on this walk will leave an indelible mark on my memory.

As we continued to walk we came to a stream. I walked out on the jetty and looked out at the water. With my clairvoyant eye I could see this falcon flying towards me and suddenly it just changed direction and flew upwards. It just came to greet me. The feeling I had was just like a child; would it not be nice to learn to ride on the back of a falcon? Then I understood that it was a part of my own nature, the need for freedom to express and create. In experiencing this beautiful bird, it was a symbol of my own journey to understand my nature and my own purpose. I followed the bird until I could no longer see it.

We walked on to a grill place by the river and with my clairvoyant eye I saw a pair of swans swimming by, in my mind I thought: Where are you going? As they swam by they just turned, because they had heard my thoughts. They answered:

– To new experiences.
It was as if they were offering us an invitation saying: Why don’t you follow us?

As the walk ended I realised what an amazing experience I had had. The spirit of the forest said to me:

– We could not have shown this to you before, because you would not have received it, it would have been pushed aside as pure fantasy.

What I experienced on this walk will leave an indelible mark on my memory. A mark of friendship and love. Everything that were shown to me was a beautiful experience it fed my soul. Now I can believe, my heart showed me that it was a fact, a personal experience offered to me. After my experience my doubt has gone and I now realise that there are forces at work to help all human beings when they are ready to open up and see things with new eyes. I feel lighter and in better balance after this. Heaven and earth has a connection and if we worked together one day I believe that we can learn to respect nature and the beauty that it offers. I hope we will learn to value and respect this beautiful planet that we live on before it is too late.

Do you believe in nature spirits? Do you believe that your mind can go further and accept that there are parallel realities?

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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