As a young man I went to a medium that made predictions about my future, with time I began to realise that these predictions where part of the plan that spirit had made for my soul before I returned to this lifetime. He said I would be a teacher and a writer. I would work with science and research. As these predictions came to pass I began to ask myself: What am I being prepared for? What is my purpose in this life?

One thing that kept coming back was my interest to be a psychic. I loved investigation, I loved to cross into new frontiers. Each time I did, my knowledge of this higher intelligence we call the spirit world was expanding, my consciousness was growing. Of course this happened at different intervals of my life. Every time a new opportunity came I knew it was a challenge to grow or to go further. I did not know where it was taking me, but I realised with every step I took, that the picture of the higher intelligence were changing. New doors were opening I had new understandings and new experiences.

I realised that I could use my ability in several ways. I had always been interested in the unknown and the unexplored, even as a child. I can remember in 1992 Ascala visited and I remembered how I quite unwittingly were being opened up and dragged through his tunnel. It was powerful. I did not plan it, it happened spontaneously and as I came to the end of that tunnel there was Ascala introducing himself in an even clearer way. I remember him saying: “You think this is your imagination, but it is not.”

One day I was doing a meditation in a group, it was just an ordinary meditation, but then Ascala was there. I found myself travelling through the universe and then I had an overwhelming feeling that I was going back to my origins, my place amongst the stars. This is something that I write about in my book “The Road to Freedom.”

In another meditation I was traveling through space again and I saw this symbol of a space craft and I was invited on-board. There I was given the information that the universal intelligence is constantly monitoring us and if it feels that we humans are in danger it will send us warnings that will come up in our consciousness through our intuition. That made sense to me, because all my life I had been able to pick up when there were danger. I discovered that if I paid no heed I would find myself in a very dangerous or difficult situation. 12 years old I remember being out in the country side. I had walked off on my own and I met a man who gave me the story that he needed help changing a tire on his car. I asked him where this car was and all of a sudden he says it is not a car, it is a bicycle. Then he asked me to follow him into the woods where he had left the bike. I instantly knew if I did I would never come out alive.

How did I know these things? I just did. I call it the knowing. I remember the time I got a call from Iceland. I lived in London at the time. I was only working as a medium in my spare time. As this lady asked me if I would come and work for her in Iceland I remembered the prediction the medium in London had made some years earlier when he said I would live in the north one day. I could never imagine it would be in Iceland and later on in Sweden.

I never felt that UK was my place. There was something missing. Even though it is my birthplace and the nation I belong to I have never felt any strong connection to it. After three years of living in Iceland Ascala told me: “Now it is time to move.” I had already started working in Sweden from time to time, but when he gave me those words I understood the signs he had been giving me. Every time it is time to move he gives me the picture of a ship.

Another prophecy came true when I bought the old village school and there the teacher came to the fore. Ten years before we started Ascala Magazine Ascala had said: “I want you to start a magazine.” I had no knowledge about those things, so I found it hard to grasp.

Every time a new opportunity have come synchronicity has always taken over leading me to the next step of discovering my potential. I started working with the scientists and on a project in China. That is when we worked with EEG and I discovered nine different levels of consciousness. Prior to going to China the Ascala intelligence stepped in and started preparing me for what I would be doing there. I kept seeing this Chinese man and he told me the experiments I would be working with in China would be old knowledge, long since forgotten. The Ascala intelligence showed me a mind map that is within every human being. I was taught a mathematical formula that if I followed would take me through these nine levels of consciousness. The tunnel I travelled though, the intensity of the frequency became more powerful and took me to the limits of what I would endure. As I followed this map it indicated quite clearly that there are dual realities that do not always take on a physical form as we know it. It made me realise how limited we can be when we just stick to the five senses and do not dare to go beyond.

I am still working hard to understand the mathematical nature of this mind map. I now know it can take me to a place where I can connect with knowledge that is beyond my understanding. I then bring this knowledge back to the here and give it to a scientist that can help me understand what it means.

As I write this I am thinking where is all this taking me? Is there a conclusion? As I have made these journeys within my mind, invariably many of these predictions made so many years ago have proved to be correct. Every time I have an open mind and are willing to explore it expands my understanding of that universal intelligence.

I would like to share this with those who are interested. Humans have a mind that are beyond the five normal senses. There is a part of our brain that is infinite and connected to the universal intelligence. Perhaps that intelligence has been working for millions of years to bring us to the point where we are today. I have asked myself this questions many times: Is all this fact or fantasy? I cannot say I can be completely sure. Together with Ascala we will share what we believe is part of the future. Perhaps there are many of you out there who feel in a similar way?

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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