When we have a lot going on in our life, whether it is emotional or we are going through transition etcetera, we can become trapped within a mind-set that can be so strong that it is as if parts of us close down. All we see are dark clouds, thus not allowing the sun to shine through. When we get stuck like this and allow our feelings to take over it can feel as if nothing good happens for us.

Ascala has helped me many times when I have been in this situation. When he feels that I need help he works his magic, so that I can begin to glimpse the sunshine again. He might say: “What would you learn if there was only sun? You need both sides to learn how to handle it and use it. That is necessary for your soul’s development.”

Sometimes when life is perceived as a difficult challenge it is because the individual does not want to take responsibility for their life, they are waiting for everybody else to fix it. Sometimes what we face is karmic, it is what we chose to face in the incarnation we are facing right now. Yes, this can be difficult, but when you have to dig deep and come out of that difficult situation you become much more connected to your inner resources. When people talk to their guide, or the God that they understand, they are often looking for a quick fix. There is no intelligence in the world that can give you that.

You can go to a medium, healer, therapist or a priest, but you still have to play your part and be committed. Every time you meet darkness you are being challenged. In accepting this challenge old mind-sets begin to diminish. As you dig deeper into your inner mine, your unconscious, there is much of value there that can be used to enhance your own life and your consciousness. To find a solution is a process, when that process is finished that is when you get in touch with yourself through realisation.

Ascala comes in and adds: As with you Terry, I offered you keys, but it was up to you to use them. Sometimes that is not an easy task, sometimes people just want to stay where they are and have everything handed on a plate. When you were writing the book “The Road to Freedom” I took you to a place where I introduced you to your inner chaos, the inner conflict that you were not aware of. Because of what I showed you and what you felt when you observed a scene between the good guys and the bad guys, as we called them, you could meet new aspects of yourself. That is when you understood the drama that was being played out within. In that moment your mind opened and you could start working with it.

Do you remember when you met that dominant figure, who were trying to take control of everything there? He did not want to listen to the good guys. When you met that strong character, i.e. an aspect of you, you began to realise what effect your past had upon you. Step by step he became your friend. Today you are using that strength in a positive way. Of course there are still times when you cross that old line, but when you feel my presence that is when you realise that you are in danger of going back to an old way of being.

So remember, whenever you are faced with an old mind-set or life is simply difficult: it is a gift to allow you to grow and walk forward in your life.

Terry Evans


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