It took time for me to believe in reincarnation. I had to go through a process of self-understanding and experiences I had with the Mountain Meditation. Up until I was 20 years old I did not know what the purpose of my life was. I had had experiences as a child and teenager, but what I saw I just accepted, I never tried to work out where it came from or why, it was just there.

The first time Ascala actually stood in front of me and communicated with me I could see him clearly, even the colour of his robe, which was red. As he communicated with me I realised that I was meeting something within myself too. To simplify it, it was like meeting a part of me, someone you have not seen for a very long time is suddenly there. As he materialised he showed himself as a Tibetan monk. It was he who created the situation where I went to a medium for a private consultation. Again, during that meeting, it was a sense of freedom and relief when I realised that what had happened to me as a teenager was real, it was what I was inside.

Each time Ascala took me into new situations, he took me into another part of me where I met myself and discovered a little bit more about my abilities and the purpose I had. I never planned it, everything happened spontaneously. My friend and companion Ascala would appear and bring me in touch with the creativity I had within. Over the years I have realised more and more. I have always believed in a higher power, but in the journey we have made together, one of the biggest gifts he has given me is to find a truth that works for me. He continues to help me discover the resource and abilities that I never thought I could have. In his own gentle way, piece by piece, he has shown me my life’s purpose, my mission. Ascala, is somebody that I have known, it would seem, since my soul was first created.

Because of a series of events I became fascinated by the Far East. I was drawn more and more to the Buddhist philosophy and I realised that it was a very big part of me, my way of being and living.  He told me many years ago that I would one day work with research. I remember the day when I travelled to China, because I had been invited to a university there to do some research. Ascala had shown me many pictures through meditation, where I was beginning to realise my connection to China and Buddhism. To go to China was like returning home. I had an opportunity to meet these elders at a Buddhist College and as I sat and listened to them I remembered the times when he had taken me back to another incarnation. There I was, the young Chinese boy, a novice being taught by the elders at a temple.

There have been many times that Ascala has taken me back to incarnations that we have shared together. The skills and the things that I learned in those incarnations, is a part of me today, my inner resource. Several years ago he took me back to a time before I incarnated to this lifetime. In that journey Ascala and I stood before the spiritual masters of that realm and discussed the incarnation that I am now experiencing. Of course as a child I did not remember the promise I had made and the mission they gave me in this lifetime, but each time he offers me a new challenge and takes me to a new place, deep within me memories come to the fore. Memories of my soul that are indelible, the creativity and the knowledge that I carry within.

It is that purpose within, my soul’s intention that is my driving force. It is something very deep within me, and I have been given the proof many times. Who knows where is going to take me next, but when this incarnation is finished I have no doubt that Ascala will be meeting me when I go to the other side. Then he and the elders of that realm will discuss my next incarnation. What that will be I have no idea, but if I choose to accept it I give my soul the opportunity to develop its intelligence further.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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