The work I do on behalf of the spirit world and for people is very demanding. Whether I am in the classroom, doing a demonstration or writing for Ascala News it is hard work to meet the challenge of doing the best you can all the time, but it is what I choose to do. To work for spirit, or for the higher intelligence, whatever you want to call it, for me it is sacred. My guide, Ascala, will do or say something when I least expect it, to let me know that he does not take me for granted and that he recognises what I do on behalf of those higher dimensions. He says thank you to me and offer words of appreciation. Often he talks through other people, but they do not realise it when they are talking to me.

I remember a time many years ago, when I for my 50th birthday was given the best seat for a Celine Dion concert. Sadly she had to cancel because her husband was sick. Yes, of course I was disappointed, but thought: I will get the opportunity again one day. Then my wife heard that Celine was doing a concert in Stockholm. I had told her about my wish of seeing her live in concert. So one day she just said: “We are going to Stockholm. I have booked two seats at the Celine Dion concert.” For me that was a magic moment; an evening never to forget.

What I have realised too is that we can get stuck in our mind, what we must receive in order to go forward. We then miss those magic moments that just comes spontaneously. Ascala is often behind those things, he organises so that they happen. I call it synchronicity. If I am feeling tired he comes in and takes over. When I open up to him, he sends me the healing energy that revitalises me. I do not have to ask, he just knows when I need that kind of help.

Children can give you magic moments, just by the few words they offer. Sometimes when I am in the middle of my work I can miss a magic moment too, but it is not just Ascala that helps me. It is people that I meet in my everyday life and just by who they are or the words they offer. Life does not just take from us; it gives something back all the time that motivates us and keeps us going.

Now it is winter I can wake up one morning and everything is covered in snow. After all these years of living in Sweden I still find it enchanting of seeing all the tracks that animals have left in the forest. When I first bought the school there was two groups of deer. They lived separately at the edge of the garden. I will never forget one winter’s day when the adults brought their children into the garden, it was as if they were introducing their children to us. They were running and playing, almost dancing for us. When an animal shows that it trusts you, for me that is something very special.

That is also what Ascala is trying to teach me, enjoy life and enjoy the beauty, because there is magic and beauty in everything. It also reminds me of, if I meet someone unexpectedly, people I have never known, just by talking to them a few minutes perhaps I can give them a magic moment? These small things can be so precious for someone else.

Astrid and I were having coffee in Lindesberg one day. There were two girls, maybe ten or eleven, and they recognised me. Finally they plucked up the courage to come and talk to me. I shared a few minutes with them, gave them my autograph and took a photo with them. I laugh till this day when I remember what they said: “Our mothers likes watching you on Det Okända, and so do we.” They could not go home fast enough to tell their story about our meeting.

Even when life is tough those magic moments are still there, just like my friend Ascala. He always knows how to step in and give me a magic moment, without me asking or demanding anything from him. Those little gifts are the most important part of my life, where I can give to others and when others want to give to me.

Do you see or appreciate your magic moments?

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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