All the predictions I received in the beginning of my mediumistic journey, about my future, how I would develop and what direction my life would choose, has actually come to pass. At the time my logical thinking could hear what was being said and receive it, but there was still a part within me that retained an element of healthy doubt. I would think: Is this going to be the truth or is it just my ego wanting to believe in these things for the future.

After all this years I can still feel doubt when I am told what could become in the future, – Yes, even I. when I go into that phase it challenges my belief and my mind-set – where am I in my life right now? However, I believe it is healthy to have some doubt. For me it is like going into a neutral state where I check myself and find out where I am.

As I have mentioned before there are a lot of things changing within and in my life. Ascala has given me glimpses of the future of how he wants me to work. He said to me a few days back:

Yes, you are very soon ready for a new phase. You have now almost completed one phase of your life, if you are allowed to stay where you are right now you will just go into a period of stagnation. You need challenges, and the phase you have been going through for the last four years has certainly challenged you. When you go into self-doubt you start to explore and redefine yourself. Sometimes I come and stand by your side and offer you reassurance. That is why I came to you the other day, to give you glimpses of the future and what you would be doing. You have learned to just be in that position of vulnerability and get on with what is necessary to do in the here and now. The skills that you have developed will prepare you for the future.

This has been a vulnerable time for you, but it has also been part of your development to learn to be part of vulnerability and not letting your emotions of uncertainty take you off in the wrong direction. It has sometimes been fun to test your patience – to the limit. I have seen you hanging on by your fingertips, but if I were to do everything for you, you would not grow, or develop trust for my work.

As you know synchronicity is a very important part of spirit and also a part of the universal intelligence. During this period of vulnerability we have been working on you so that you, when these opportunities come are synchronised with the Ascala Intelligence and ready to accept them. That synchronicity can only be achieved when your mind has connected with our plans for the future. As you already know, when these changes happens and the opportunities come you will have these very strong feelings called the knowing. When that comes it connects with your unconscious and something that we have already planted there. It is like sowing seeds. And as you know seeds need time to grow, it is the same for everybody, there are no quick fixes or easy formulas.

People cannot go on until they learn to work with their mind-sets, how they think things should be or how they hope things will turn out. I was with you a few weeks ago as you sat on your porch and thought suddenly: Spring is here! As you looked across your garden you just felt complete peace and that feeling offered food and solace for your mind.

Do you remember the message we gave you many years ago, when you first went to work in Iceland. It was I who told you to go to a demonstration by a medium you had never met. Off you went, and there we brought up the subject of your visit to Iceland and we gave you very clear feedback as to what we thought about it. We gave you a promise and up until this day you have kept yours.

Yes, you are correct in thinking that you have gone into the fourth phase of your life and what remains for you to achieve in this incarnation. On this fourth phase you will gradually begin to understand what your task is, the final part of your journey in this life and the legacy that we wish you to leave behind.

Ascala smiles and I say to him, you are very good to keep my mind open and push the button called curiosity. Suddenly he disappears and goes back into his realm.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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