One day I am alone in my small apartment in London, just listening to music. Then suddenly standing before me was a Buddhist monk. I did not see him within my minds eye; he was standing in front of me. What is this apparition I asked myself? I could see the colours of his robe which was deep red. I could see the colour of his skin. I was taken aback, but what effected me most of all was the power and feeling emanating from him. I started to hear his voice. I stood before him entranced. The only thing I could hear was his voice. All thoughts and emotions had been put to one side and then it began:

Terry, I have appeared in front of you today for a purpose! Terry, we here in the spirit world have been observing the early stages of your development. It was us that guided you to return to that medium for a second visit at the local spiritualist centre. Upon your arrival you were informed that there were no medium there taking consultations. The old man said I am the leader of the medium development circle tonight. Would you like to join us? You were not sure why you accepted the invitation. You just found yourself saying yes. Minutes later as you sat in a meditation group and opened up for the first time that is when the visitors from the spirit world could walk through that door in your mind that had been opened consciously for the first time.

It was fun to watch your reactions as you received the pictures, words and feelings we sent. It delighted us to watch as you experienced that explosion of a myriad of feelings as you picked up our transmissions. We your spirit guides sat together and observed this experience with love, curiosity and amusement of how you struggled with your sense of logic: Can this really be happening to me, you asked, but then you realised I have had these experiences before! You remembered how isolated it made you feel from other people and in everyday life because of these experiences.

Then when it came to your turn to tell the group what you had experienced during your meditative state, the comments being from the recipients of the messages given by you “Oh, I recognised the man you saw within your mind”, “Oh, that was my father” or “I remember that happening when I was a child”. You were astounded, but at the same time relieved. You then realised that we had been communicating with you as far back as you could remember. We had at last met on that bridge between the two realities. That was your moment of joy, but also for us. Now your journey to awakening could truly begin.

We were pleased to see that you were willing to give of your time in your quest to develop. You were ready to meet our needs too, by giving us time. We also noted that you also went into a period of chaos which meant that you had to leave behind the preconceptions of who you were and what your identity was and your low sense of self esteem. We realised that you were so eager and so hungry to learn as much as you could about these things, but there was a danger of you going too quickly. Therefore we made contact only when we had decided that you were ready for the emotional experience that we had to offer.

Our plan is for you to develop as a medium slowly, because if not your emotions will not be ready to handle what we will show you or the demands that others will make upon you as you begin to work as a medium. Humility is a key factor in your development. It is we, your guides who organise your development. It is we that decide who will come through you when you learn to become better as a working channel, not your ego, because if your ego takes over you no longer hear the voice of spirit, just the voice of your ego.

One of the hardest lessons you will have to learn is to be in the state you are right now as you listen to my words. As you listen now you are without expectation or demand, you are completely focused on the words that are being given. You have neutralised yourself from your logic and from the attention that your unresolved issues demand. This is what we want to train you to do, but it is not your intellect or your ego that decides how quickly you will develop. It is the willingness to receive the words that you are being given now, so that you as a channel for mental mediumship can become free from the contamination of what your ego demands.

When you were born to this earth you came with a strong will and you have needed this strong will to survive and endure the journey that life has offered you thus far. However, it is important for me to point out to you that this strong will can take you into places that are not good for you, so we your spirit guides, your team from time to time will remind you that you work for us. At the same time we must say that you are an important member of our team. There will be times when you will not heed our words, both as a medium and a person, and that is when your ego will take you into uncomfortable and unpleasant situations. When we can see that you really are ready to work with us so that you can become a responsible and responsive member of our team then we can come closer to you.

We know that you remember the time when you were left in the children’s home and there you were as a small child crying and that is when we drew near to you in your fear and loneliness. That was when we could give you strength because as a small child words would not have meant anything to you, just feelings. So from that day we have walked with you and been following your story.
I have come today as a member of your circle of spiritual guides to tell you we are going to teach you the meaning of humility. That is why I come as a Buddhist monk and I bring you our philosophy, the philosophy of the Tibetan monk. We come from a place high in the Himalayas. In order to survive we have to respect the elements and live from the natural recourses of that harsh but beautiful place and therefore with time we will lead you to a mountain. A mountain that you will learn to live with that will become a living part of your own inner culture.

These words I offer about a mountain are something for the future. We do not expect you to understand them now, but this prophecy we make; once it appears it will mean that you have arrived at that place at the right time because our prophecies are just sign posts that you will meet as you travel your pathway into the future. As you meet those sign posts spontaneously a new door will open and we will offer you a new challenge that will help you fulfil your promise. What is that promise? The promise you made to God that in the lifetime you have now that you will work with your natural intelligence. We will help you give it a form so you as an individual can make your small contribution. That is why we are here to guide you. The lesson we bring you is to learn the meaning of true humility.” Then he smiled, bid farewell and said “We will be meeting again”.  The experience left me in shock. I felt emotionally overwhelmed. I was afraid, afraid of the power of his words and what he had touched within me. I was in a no mans land.

It has taken many years to understand what the true nature of humility means. I hope I am learning to let it become part of me, but the ironic thing is, as I make my life’s journey from time to time I cross the line and go into arrogance. Then I hear my guides whispering: Terry which way are you going to go? Are you going to listen to the voice of your soul’s intelligence or are you going to use your strong will and do it your way – ego? So every time I find myself in an unpleasant situation I cannot always blame everybody else. Somewhere deep down I realise that my strong will have refused to listen to the voice of spirit.

Over the years I have learnt, with each dialogue I have had with my spirit guides, that they will answer questions of their choosing. They will confirm me where they feel it is appropriate and they certainly know how to motivate me. They press a huge button inside of me called curiosity. It motivates me to want to learn more, to understand more. It does not allow me to sit on a plateau believing that I am already a developed person. Every time my ego takes me into a comfort zone they will pay me a visit, and as the monk did, pressing that button and leaving me with a multitude of questions. So as I take one day at a time on my life’s journey I do my best to embrace each day and accept what lesson or experience that are offered. It is much more fun to live in the now.

Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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