Since first making contact with my guide Ascala he has from time to time shown me pictures and given information about the future, without my ego searching for the opportunities that he talked about. Things has happened spontaneously, people have come to me.

As I was having my normal morning contact with Ascala the other day, he offered me a challenge: Do you dare to talk about the astrophysics and quantum physics in relation to the future? Suddenly I now hear him say: “Get on with it and just tell the story.” As I am writing this I am actually having a dialogue with him. He is saying:

Terry, down through the years I have given you hints about the future of mankind, what you need to understand. In your world it is very difficult for the academic and scientific elite to rid themselves of mind-sets. They are stuck in traditional values of the past that will not serve mankind for much longer. In the near future these values will be obsolete. At the same time there are also others that belong to the scientific fraternity, who have been researching and having a lot of discussions about alternative theories.

I have observed you closely, Terry. You have received the information I have given piece by piece, and it has enabled you to create a vision for the future. Even you have had to let go of old mind-sets and beliefs and update yourself so that you could go forward, because of that I have always known when your mind is open to receive new knowledge or concepts.

When you were 11 years old one of your teachers said that man one day would be able to disconnect from their molecular form and just become a frequency. You have yourself witnessed something with a physical form disappear in front of your eyes. At the time it was mindboggling for you – is this really happening?

There was a time when your German teacher at school tried to teas you all. He gave you a text and said: “Can anybody translate this?” To his surprise you did. You just knew and used it to answer the question. As far back as I can remember you have dared to give information that you have picked up. Your mind was open. When people receive this kind of information they think it is just imagination, but you have dared to use and it worked. It was not fantasy it was fact.

The big turning point for you was when you got involved in research and I taught you how to use the mind map I gave you, and you were able to travel through nine different levels of consciousness within your mind. When you got to the ninth level that is where you reached the frontier between the human mind and consciousness.

I have watched you and your young friend, Tobias, as you have worked closely together to understand the mechanism of the information I gave you, to understand the connection between the geometrical forms. One day you will be able to understand its function even more, but I can say this to you: You are on the right track.

Universal consciousness and intelligence is infinite, but it is a part of the mind that most people do not know how to use. There is also no scientific evidence that is good enough for the general scientist to accept.

The Mountain Meditation took you to the nine different levels of consciousness, but what you do not realise is I used a part of you that is just frequency, the part of your mind that goes beyond intellect and logic. Your mind already knew how to adjust to the information that each level offered you. Because unwittingly you had already been travelling to the many different levels of consciousness for many years. When you became that frequency you were still connected to your body, but that part of your mind no longer was.

Then you were also able to understand that there was a network there that comprises of light and frequency. Travelling through that network you can go to one place from another in one second, as you have realised. I was there when you were thinking about finding a way to leave the molecular form of your being and just become pure frequency, so that someone somewhere else would be able to see you as a person. It is just like your mobile phones today. First the signal hits the satellite and then it returns to earth showing different kinds of information.

That is how mediums work with us, they open their mind and connect with the frequencies, they become the receiver and the information converts into pictures, feelings and words. So simple and yet so complicated to understand how it works

You have been working with the frequency program that you learned from the research, and I am very happy to see that it is working. For you Terry this is a big step forward. I am standing right by your side as you are working and I am connecting with your thoughts, sometime they also come from me.

The consciousness within every new generation is stronger than in the previous. It is evolution. Mankind will learn new techniques and knowledge once you leave old mind-sets behind, and this will bring our two worlds much closer together, taking you towards the science of the future.

Everything in my world is based on consciousness and frequency. In our world solid form is only used when necessary. As the consciousness of man expands we can offer you more information, as long as you are receptive and willing to take a risk to use it and develop it.

I am glad you listened to me and wrote this article. My purpose with these words is to reach those out there that think similarly to you. Maybe I will help you arrange it one day so that you meet.

Thank you, Terry, for letting me use your voice.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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