I have this fantasy of being able to travel back in time. I have been able to do it with my mind, up to a point, but it would be amazing to transport myself into the past, and just be there and observe everything going on, seeing and hearing everything. Sometimes the history books do not give us the truth. What if we could discover it ourselves! For me that would be a mind-boggling experience. To see how things have changed, compared to the life we live today. I would be intrigued to meet myself as the person I was in another life time. Was I a different kind of person? What did I do? How did I think? It would be interesting to compare myself to that person in that incarnation – fascinating and maybe disappointing too…

To witness events or unresolved mysteries, to see if the people that we read about in history really was the way they are described – who knows? I actually believe that one day as humans evolve and progress and we learn how to use our minds these things are possible. As a scientist once told me: “If we get a 55 percent success rate that is good. A true scientist considers everything a probability.” So, I choose to keep my mind open to many different things that we are told that man cannot do.

“In my own world as a medium I have been shown aspects of the past and quite often I have been shown my future.

It would also be amazing to be able to travel into the future. If we look back into history there have been many philosophers, who have been able to foretell the future. If we believe that the past, present and future is all the same thing, would it not be amazing to crack that code and look at the past or the future at will? What a journey that would be! Perhaps we could not change the past, for different reasons, but perhaps we could change the future for the better, but then again mankind only seems to understand things by experience. For example, look at what we are doing to our beautiful earth. The oceans are polluted. Rainforests are quickly disappearing…

But perhaps we could change our mindsets, in how we are dealing with things. This could avoid so much, if we were to believe in what the future showed us. In my own world as a medium I have been shown aspects of the past and quite often I have been shown my future. I did not always understand it logically at the time, but much that was shown to me came to past and having been told beforehand it prepared me to accept the change. I was clearly shown when my mother was going to pass, I did not realise it at them time, but it came to pass.

The spirit friends that I work with, from the very beginning, when they started giving me glimpses of the future I had an open mind. I never got stuck in the fact that it was going to happen, but almost everything has come to pass. The things that did come to pass I did not have to search for. I just had the attitude: I will wait and see. Then when the opportunity came I would recognise it, and by listening to my feeling the decision I made, normally proved to be the correct decision.

So, mediumship can also be a very efficient tool for time travel…

Terry Evans


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