As I begin to write today I can feel the presence of Ascala. He begins to talk to me, saying words I have heard many times, they come into my mind with clarity:

We come from the light and return to the light. Terry, of course when you came into this incarnation you would not remember the conversation that you and I had with the three spiritual masters, those that live within your mind and are connected to the universal intelligence. As a young man you went to a medium for a consultation, through him you were given prophecies. When the time was for you to take a step forward, your soul’s intelligence was able to recognise that it was time to accept the challenge. In your actions and endeavours you have not just achieved your purpose, but you have fulfilled your mission so far, by allowing us who are part of the universal intelligence, to play our part in your life.

In the beginning of our journey you sometimes tried to hide from me. It made me laugh, it was a good game to play, but also an opportunity for me to show you that I am ever present.

I have seen you struggle as you have accepted the challenges. I listened to a conversation that you had with somebody. When this person said: “Why is it that you cannot be in perfect harmony all the time?” You replied: “If I did not feel my feelings, if I did not have my struggles, part of me would not be alive.” I am glad that you have your feelings, but when we meet there is always harmony.

You have traveled with me into the light many times and I have showed you many other levels of existens. Very often I welcomed you to come into that light and that gave you an understanding for my world, in so doing your mind and consciousness has now expanded and grown. That is why you now have the courage to share it with others. In recent weeks I have indicated very clearly that I am becoming a much bigger part of your reality. In so doing you have given me many more rooms within your mind that I can enter and communicate with you.

I can now say this to you; that with the thoughts you have had regarding the higher realms and the place that I live in, you have come to the realisation that you are about to cross a new frontier. That only came about because you listened and allowed me to take you on these journeys, without demand or expectation.

I have given you tools that you now can use if you decide to cross this new frontier. Do you remember when you had your “ordinary” life in London and I came to you and showed you the vision? I showed you the picture of you as a pioneer, you got on the horse and followed me. Since then you have crossed many new frontiers that have expanded your knowledge and your purpose. In so doing you have helped many others, so that they can also open up and discover their life’s purpose.

Now an old phase is coming to an end and a new one is beginning. Do not worry or be afraid, I am standing with you. That is why I have become a constant feature in your life the last five weeks. I have been showing you many different things lately and I am inviting you to cross this frontier with you. We have already begun to explore the highways and byways within the universal intelligence. I have shown you some of this network before, but at the time you were not sure what it was. Now it is no longer fantasy – it is fact.

I am glad to see that you started the frequency programs. When you recently asked for help, I sent a man called Niklas into your life, who can help you take the research one step further.

When you say: How can I achieve this? I can only answer you in this way: You have trusted me before and had the courage to meet your fear. At times when certain bodies of intellectuals have tried to humiliate you, you stood your ground.

Where I come from everything is frequency and feeling. I am going to teach you how to navigate the network of the tunnels of light that criss-cross the universe, to give you the knowledge and information that will allow you and other people of our ilk to teach people what lies beyond and what its purpose is. Your purpose as people of the light is to bring that level of consciousness to become a part of the consciousness of mankind. Just as you have evolved and become conscious of my presence. Evolution can never stop.

Terry Evans



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