As an experienced medium and teacher within the paranormal I have frequently been challenged on “How can you prove the abilities that you use and that mediumship works, Terry?” What I offer as a medium when I am conveying communication from someone on the other side, should the recipient recognise and understand the information that I give that is personal evidence for the recipient. Then the higher intelligence have achieved their purpose, both on a personal level for the recipient and they have also given evidence of life after death.

The way in which a spirit contact will give evidence is always individual, it never follows the same pattern or format. It was the same when I worked with the research in China, where I discovered that there are nine different levels of consciousness. In the beginning of this research programme I was certain that one would be able to see four distinct changes in my EEG pattern. During the experiments it became very clear to me, as I went through the nine different levels, that there were four frequency changes that could only be likened to a changing radio-band. Every time it occurred the frequency became much stronger and higher.

“In another experiment I was asked to use telepathy, to send a picture to another person that I had never met, who were sitting in another room.

When the research paper was written, it clearly showed that my EEG indicated a very distinct change in character. Those four different changes of radio-band showed clearly on my EEG. So, the experiment show that my mind goes into an altered state of consciousness. I was also given other tasks to do, which involved the technique known as psychometry, where you hold any given object and read the information either about the original owner of that object or possibly its origins. This experiment proved to be successful.

In another experiment I was asked to use telepathy, to send a picture to another person that I had never met, who were sitting in another room. I started sending a picture depicting a house to the recipient. It was a simple, one dimensional drawing that I had drawn myself. In my mind it started changing and became three-dimensional. I was able to describe the interior of the house, its design and I also received information about the people living in that house. I saw children and other details. I also saw a logo with this house. It was a bit confused, because I did not know what it was connected to. The interesting fact with this experiment, when it came to a close and I could meet the recipient of what I was sending he was able to inform me that the house I had picked up was a house that he had designed himself. Everything was accurate. When we talked about the children, he laughed and said: “In China you are only allowed to have one child, but I have three.”

As I was sending the information about the house to the recipient the picture he received he described looking like an ancient Egyptian standing in a house. What he was actually seeing was the cap I was wearing with EEG connections, which made me look like an Egyptian, with all the cords connected to it. As I was sending a scientist observing the experiment was sitting next to the recipient. He picked up a mug and held it up and showed it to the recipient to see if I would pick it up, it had a logo on it. As I described the picture I had picked up it was identical to the logo on the mug.

“What power and resource does the human mind have regarding telepathy?

The intriguing thing for me, is that I chose to draw a house, which I did just before the experiment begun. Had I already connected to this unseen person and unconsciously registered information about the recipient and his house? That is one question that is yet unanswered. What power and resource does the human mind have regarding telepathy? I do understand that within science an experiment has to be repeated many times and achieve the same kind of result before it is considered evidence, but for me and the recipient this was proof that telepathy works.

Very often I am faced with the question: How can you prove this? Science has unfortunately not been able to prove so far, but what I do when I work with this is a fact for me. The results I have seen not only in my own life, but to those that have come into contact with me confirms it. IF the day were to come when science can give me actual proof that how I interact with the paranormal is not correct, then perhaps I will believe them. But till then, when scientist come to me and ask me: Where is the proof? I will say to them: Where is your proof?

I hope that science and spirituality one day can find a meeting place and work together, but that will take an open mind and not getting stuck in traditional values or beliefs.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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