Our courses

On all our courses we use Terry’s method the Mountain Meditation as a tool for personal development and to open up and close down to spirit. Minimum age on all our courses is 18 years.

All of Terrys courses are interpreted to Swedish.

Spring, Summer, Autumn- & Winter week

A five day course designed to open inner doors within personal development, inner potential and psychic ability and meet the needs of the individual. We will be using the Mountain Meditation as a tool.

Learning to manage psychic experiences

This course is based on many of the questions that Terry Evans has received from people who do not know how to deal with their experiences and what they really mean. For some this can lead to chaos in their everyday life, and in some cases people can even lose their own identities.

Leadership and intuition with Terry Evans

A course for those already working with groups or in situations that require being in contact with people.

Psychic Investigation

This course is for mediums that have completed basic mediumtraining with Terry Evans. To be eligible to apply for this training you are required to have at least two years of experience in professional mediumistic work such as private sessions and group demonstrations etcetera.

Intuition and mental mediumship

This is a course within intuition and mental mediumship with a total of four parts spread across approximately two years. It suits people that want to become mediums or are interested in developing their mediumistic potential.

Personal development using the Mountain Meditation as a tool

Personal development using the Mountain Meditation as a tool is a new course, that will replace the former course Personal development and Intuition. The main part in this course is personal development.

Discovering your life’s purpose – with the Ascala frequency healing

The purpose with this course is to help the participants in developing a better contact with themselves in order to understand their life’s purpose. Many people have the feeling they are stuck in life and cannot come further. Here you will have an opportunity find the key to moving on, to discover who you are and how to fulfil your soul’s mission.

Personal development, Intuition and Mediumship with Helen Engström

This course comprises of four parts spread over approximately two years. It is intended for those who wish to have a deeper understanding about themselves, but who also wish to work with mental mediumship. It is an education open to all, both you who have no previous qualifications and those who have.