Intuition and Mental Mediumship

Course Content

This is an education in intuition and mental mediumship, with four course parts in total, spanning over about two years. The education is for those who wish to become mediums, but also for those who are just interested in developing their ability, to understand it better. The participants will receive support in developing possible abilities during the course, and they will learn to understand how these skills can be used in different contexts.

In between courses the participants will have to do homework in order to practice the techniques they have learnt during the different course parts in realistic situations. This is to acquire necessary experience and be able to continue with the following course parts.

The homework will consist of tasks involving psychometry, private readings and meditation. All students will be assigned a mentor that they are required to work with throughout the entire education.

Our emphasis is on self-awareness and communication skills. These are important factors when working with people seeking help from a medium or a healer.

The Mountain Meditation will be used as a tool for personal development, self-awareness and to practice making contact with spirit. We will also work with different exercises to develop your intuition. The participants will constantly meet the unexpected, whether it is a potential or a block.

We will focus on the following throughout the education:
  • Personal responsibility (working with your personal development)
  • Developing communication skills
  • The importance of having structure in your work
  • Learning to set lines
  • Understanding spirit guides and their purpose
  • Working with the “organisation of spirit”
  • Understanding the difference between intuition and spirit contact

We ask applicants to please send in a brief summary informing us of who you are and why you wish to attend this course. We accept applications sent in by email, one A4-page is sufficient.

The course starts with dinner 17:30 day one and ends at lunchtime 12:30 day four.

More Information

Phone: +46(0)725-19 15 77


Individuals: SEK 8 650 inc. VAT for each part.

Everything is included in this price, course, sleeping accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, supper and refreshments).

Addition for a single room is SEK 350.

*We reserve the right to change prices

Course dates

Ongoing courses with Terry Evans as course instructor (Please note! New location: Vänersborg)

Course F
Part 2: 22-25 September, 2020

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