Terms and Conditions

If you previously have received psychiatric help or have needed to undergo some kind of psychological treatment program, we would advise you to consult your doctor or psychologist before coming to a course with us. Our courses should not be seen as treatment programs.

Course registration

After you have received a course invitation and an invoice, you register for the specific course by immediately paying half of the course fee. The remaining half is to be payed 30 days prior to course start. If you pay after the set date, please contact the office to make sure that you still have a place on the course; your place may have been given to someone else.


Should you wish to cancel your booking sooner than 4 weeks before course start, we will deduct SEK 500,00 from the course fee (administrative costs), the remaining fee will be refunded. In case of cancellation 4 weeks prior to course start or later, the course fee will not be refunded, except in case of illness; a medical certificate is required. In this case we will also deduct SEK 500,00 (administrative costs), the remaining sum will be refunded to you.

Should you decline the place that you have been offered on a course, but would like to attend at another time, you will be placed last on the waiting list for that specific course. If the waiting list is closed at that moment in time, you will have to wait until it is re-opened and contact us with a new notice of interest.

Minimum age

18 years.

Your information

Your address and telephone number will be shared with the other participants on the course. If you do not wish to have this information shared, please inform us on the first payment or contact us before payment. We would appreciate if you could please fill in your date of birth (Year-Month-Day) on your payment. This information will only be for internal administrative use and will not be shared with other course participants or any other third party.


Perfume/aftershave is not allowed during courses due to allergies.

Other information, diet

If needed our kitchen can offer you a gluten or lactos free, vegetarian or vegan diet. We can not provide alternative diets for pure wellbeing or other temporary diets. Please let us know 1 month before course start. We also expect you to eat the food you have requested as our kitchen staff order food according to the number of participants and requests made beforehand.


  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed during any of our courses
  • Personal belongings left behind at the course centre are stored for two months after completed course.

* We reserve the right for possible price changes.