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This is an education in intuition and mental mediumship, with four course parts in total, spanning over about two years. The education is for those who wish to become mediums, but also for those who are just interested in developing their ability, to understand it better. The participants will receive support in developing possible abilities during the course, and they will learn to understand how these skills can be used in different contexts.

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Phone: +46(0)581-519 00


Individuals: SEK 7 015 inc. VAT for each part.

Everything is included in this price, course, sleeping accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, supper and refreshments) Bedsheets are not included, but are possible to rent for SEK 150.

Addition for a single room is SEK 350 (Single rooms are limited.)

*We reserve the right to change prices

Course dates

Ongoing courses with Ingela Collin Lendin as course instructor

Course C
Part 3: 1-4 October, 2019

Course D
Part 3: 17-20 September, 2019

Course E
Part 2: 3-6 September, 2019

New courses with Terry Evans as course instructor

Course F
Part 1: 3-6 December

Ingela 2018-08

Ingela Collin Lendin

Ingela started working as a healer in 2001. She has been trained by Risto Laibert and Terry Evans, and she has done an advanced course with one of Iceland’s most

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