When doing a psychic investigation of a house the medium will read the different energies in the house/the location.

  • The individual dynamic and the group/family dynamic
  • The memory/history of the place
  • Disturbing spirits or entities
  • Spirits who have come to help out (relatives etc)
  • The medium establishes contact with possible spirits and the conveys information coming through to the group/family.
  • The medium also conveys information about other energies that may be present in the house.

Then the medium will start bringing lost spirits to the light and subsequently clear out disturbing energies, assisted by the spirit team. The family/group is welcome to help out. There could be a few days before all activity ceases.


SEK 1200 plus travelling costs.

The cost for a return visit is SEK 600 plus travelling costs, if the booking is made within one month after the first visit, there after full price.

*We reserve the right to change prices.


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Ingela 2018-08

Ingela Collin Lendin

Ingela startade her journey as a healer in 2001 and have been educated by both Risto Laibert and Terry Evans. She has also done an advanced course with one of Iceland’s most…

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