Already as a child I could hear ”strange” noises and footsteps around me, I could also sense different energies. I already knew there was a life after this! To have the possibility to share this gift is truly amazing.

I am delighted to have the possibility to help my fellow human beings with their thoughts, to be able to offer confirmation from loved ones on the other side and – even – sometimes offer closure, so that we who are left behind will have an opportunity to start a healing process. I am very grateful for this! Please read the references I have received from former clients.

I have worked professionally as a Medium since 2005 and as a Mountain Meditation Leader since 2008. I am a qualified Medium and Mountain Meditation Leader, educated by Terry Evans.

My wish is that you will feel trust and “at home” when visiting me. Whether it is a consultation, Mountain Meditation or a medium course, I do hope that your time with me will be peaceful, comfortable and memorable!

You are most welcome!

Helen Engstöm