My wife Astrid has recently been a student of one of my old students, Margaretha Tärnström, owner of the company ”Omduvill”, where she offers courses in animal communication etcetera. One evening Astrid told me that Margaretha had a horse in her stables that needed some help. Could I perhaps send her some frequencies? As we were waiting for a photo of the horse Astrid started telling me about some homework she had been doing on the course. As she was talking, suddenly within my mind, I found myself standing in a stable. I could see this horse with a white blaze, and I saw spirits surrounding this horse. They said to me: “We have been waiting for you to come, Terry. We know that you are doing some research with frequencies, which you started working with when you were in China. When you send these frequencies we have seen that they have made a difference to animals’ and human beings’ well-being.”

So, I decided to send frequencies to this horse. After which I was to discover that this was the horse that was staying in the stables of Margareta. Margaretha told me that her name was Fedora and gave me some information about her. I asked Margaretha if there had been any difference with Fedora and if I had permission to continue. The following weeks I sent Fedora frequencies on six occasions or more, and after each time Margaretha gave feedback about the progress she appeared to be making. I was coming to Stockholm to do some interviews for the Ascala News, and Margaretha and I thought that it would be a good idea for me to come to the stable and meet Fedora. On my arrival my first priority was to make contact with Fedora. As she was led towards us I experienced a sad and dejected animal that almost had lost its’ spirit to live.

– Yes, Fedora, the horse in question, almost stopped eating for a while and became depressed, Margaretha informs us. She stood far away from the other horses in the paddock, she wanted to be alone. The first time you, Terry, gave her the frequencies we noticed such a great difference from one day to another. She had a different look in her eye, she started eating better, even though she still did not eat much. Something happened and she has also come closer to the other horses in the paddock now. Normally horses withdraw when they are sick or are in pain. It is a natural behaviour. They do that to protect the rest of the herd. I did everything I could within my knowledge to give Fedora the help she needed for her health to improve. We noticed that she did not feel well when she had silage. Terry, you also picked up that her digestive system did not function properly. We have now found the kind of hay that she is used to, but unfortunately it is in short supply. Now our focus is to find the food she needs in order to start eating normally again.

Margaretha, Fedora and Tone

I must hasten to add; Fedora was 25 years old when we met her, and was brought to Sweden from Italy 18 months previously. Now it was time for us to meet. She was led into the stables so she could relax. Margaretha said to me: “I cannot believe that some days ago, they considered putting her down.” Luckily enough I had a bag of dried fruit with me – it was time to make friends! Even though I had met her previously when I was giving her the frequencies, with my physical presence I was in many ways a stranger to her. I was allowed to offer Fedora some of the dried fruit, and she received the gift eagerly. She relaxed and came close, and began to nuzzle. It would appear that she accepted me. She started trying to search for more fruit in my pocket, which we found quite amusing. After that Fedora started eating her normal horse food, and Margaretha said: “Terry, she has not been eating like this before!”

Now when Fedora was relaxed, it was time to send her what I call the healing frequencies. It was apparent that Fedora started to respond immediately. She came closer to me, it was almost as if she had been hypnotized. She had her eyes closed. Margaretha said: “She can feel it, she is responding!” Margaretha stayed in the stable with us, and was able to witness the distinct change in Fedora’s behaviour and attitude. She could observe everything that happened. I suddenly found Fedora next to me, nuzzling me again, and it was almost as if she said: “I appreciate what you have done.” She was happy. Afterwards she continued to eat her normal food. Was this the healing frequencies taking affect? There were very clear indications that something was happening, at least.

As we were sitting interviewing Margaretha Tärnström in the coffee room at the stables, suddenly the door opened and there standing before us was Tone Fokstuen, the owner of Fedora, the horse that we had been working with. I was so glad to meet Tone, because she gave another side to the story. We shared what we felt about the horse. Tone is not just the owner of the horse, Fedora is a part of her, part of her soul. She told us about the love affair that had taken place:

– I first met Fedora when I was checking the internet, and there were this stables in Italy where they specialised in dressage, but it was also a place where people could just ride. At that point in my life I did not know what I was going to do, I was at a crossroads. The owner of the stables introduced Fedora. It did not take too long before we connected, we just seemed to go together. She was not just an ordinary horse. She seemed to like to be around people more than with other horses. It was quite clear that she was not used to being part of a herd, and in some ways she did not seem to know how to respond and be a part of such a group. To cut a long story short, people said as a joke: Maybe you should take Fedora home with you?

Fedora and Tone

It was not long after Tone had returned to Sweden that she received a letter from the owner, she offered Fedora as a gift, and all Tone had to do was to pay the transport cost to bring her home to Sweden. She thought that if Tone was taking charge of Fedora it would assure her a happy retirement. It was time for her to rest and be loved in her remaining years, bearing in mind that at that time Fedora was 23 years old.

Halfway through the conversation we decided to take a break to visit Fedora again. It was heart-warming to see how they immediately responded to each other. Two souls met and they began to dance. I showed Tone how I worked with the frequencies and how I had worked with Fedora, so it could give her an insight and some understanding. As she was able to witness the connection that Fedora and I had made, she was happy and had a new feeling of hope.

When Fedora first arrived in Sweden, she it was difficult for her to find a place in the pecking order, she had come into conflict with another horse that belonged to Margaretha and had been injured. It seemingly set her back, and she separated herself from the herd and stood alone. Tone told me that they had thought that perhaps she had cancer, but they then suspected that she had had a tick in Italy and had tests taken. A part of the problem could also be that Fedora is missing her daughter, who stood in the same stable as Fedora in Italy.

One thing is for sure: I could feel the love that Tone have for that beautiful, soulful horse. “That is why I wanted to take her home – I knew she had a beautiful soul”, Tone says.

Tone is a doctor working with cancer patients. As she talked to me about Fedora, the doctor within took a step back, and there I had the privilege to meet a person who truly is a healer. As I said my farewells to both Margaretha and Tone, I knew that the dear horse was in safe hands and would be given the love and care that her soul needs.

After word
Three months after I started sending frequencies to Fedora Tone contacted me and told me she had decided that it was time for Fedora to pass on to spirit. She had done some progress, but she was not well and it had been discovered that she had cancer.

When I started working with Fedora I kept getting the number three regarding the Fedoras passing. At the time I did not know what the number meant, but we decided that I would send her frequencies regardless, because she would still benefit from the effect of the frequencies.

Rest in peace, Fedora.

Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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