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We met up with Margaretha Tärnström at Läderbacka stables in Sundbyberg, a somewhat cold spring day. Margaretha came to different educations with me over a period of five years, 2008-2012, and after that our paths have crossed in many different ways. She has always exuded a sense of security and calm. That is the lasting impression she has left me with. Margaretha is an entrepreneur with a strong driving force, a great love for animals and a passion for helping people. Horses, in particular, has a special place in her heart. Her journey with these things started with a course in Intuition development in 2003. Ever since she has continued to develop herself, both professionally and as a person.


During a visit at Margaretha’s best friend’s horse farm he all of a sudden said: “Maggan, these horse will be the cause of my death.” Margaretha tells us the story:

– What are you saying? I said. At the same time I heard a voice, as from nowhere, saying: Yes, in 14 days. He loved his horses and I had followed him from owning two horses to the 36 horses he then had on his farm. Indeed, exactly 14 days later his neighbour calls and informs me that they have found him in the pasture. A horse had kicked him in the head and caused his immediate passing.

The message from spirit offered guidance
I felt his presence so strongly around me, so when my daughter called and wanted me to follow her to a clairvoyant demonstration I did. I thought I would receive a message about what he was trying to convey to me. I had no message from this medium, but she informed us she was going to start a course in intuition development, so I signed up for that. I had such a strong feeling I should be part of it. The second time on this course one of the students gave me a message saying that he really wished to come through, and then he conveyed to me that I communicated with animals and that I should develop it.

At this time there was a lot going on in Margaretha’s life, the passing of her best friend, all the horses that had become her friends and that she had to help find new homes. Margarethas dog and mother passed during the same period. Two of her cats suddenly were run over on a road they had crossed many times… Margaretha did not have the strength to take on new animals, instead she listened to the advice from her friend and signed up for a course in Animal communication. “There I felt I had finally come home”, Margaretha says and continues:

– That course was followed by many others for the development of my soul. I listened to what I was drawn to, and even ended up with Terry, who for me symbolises the genuine and serious, in all energy work, and there I have learnt so much about the importance of keeping it simple and standing with both feet on the ground. On these educations I also realised that I need to listen to the messages I receive and that they are not my vivid imagination, as I have been told since childhood and therefore ignored.

Personal development a great driving force
Since 2004 Margaretha runs the company Omduvill where she works with coaching, animal communication, mediumship, healing and other things. Working with personal development interests her more and more:

– To see people grow in their personal development is a great driving force for me. I realise that you have to be aware of who you are to be able to work with energies. Whether it is spirit, animals or something else you have to understand where you put your own values, in what you convey when you are a natural channel. Animals have always been close to my heart, and when I understood that they communicate just as we do, but in another language, it became my calling to learn how animals communicate with us.

– I also enjoy psychic investigation very much, i.e. cleaning houses from disturbing paranormal activity. I do not give much guidance as a medium, it is not the medium’s responsibility to fix other people’s lives. We are responsible for our lives ourselves. I do not wish to tell others how they should live their lives, but I coach them in how they can think and do differently to go further, Margaretha says.

Animal communication helps both animals and humans
Today Margaretha mainly give courses in animal communication, but she does not work that much with animal communication as such herself. When she communicates they give her pictures and feelings, which she translates into words, and that tells her what they need and what they have experienced:

– I feel and see their personality as individuals. Animal communication is also about giving the owners advice from what the animals tell me.

Margaretha feels animal communication is important in order for us to help the animals. It is also important for them to get a chance to ventilate, just as us human beings need some time, with someone who might understand their needs. The owners can often see the change in the animal afterwards. That they are relieved, happier and have a totally different aura. They can let us know how they are feeling and where they hurt. Sometimes they are referred to a veterinarian, who can give a diagnosis.

– But, the most important thing is animal communication, in order for human beings (who also are animals) to understand that ALL animals have emotions and needs. They communicate through senses and body language, just as us. We used to communicate telepathically, we still have this within, all of us, says Margaretha.

Margaretha feels we view animals differently today:
– Today, when people talk about animals they often just see them as animals, apart from our pets. They do not understand that they have a soul and emotions and needs just like us. In past times, we mainly used animals for work, especially horses. In those days, we needed them just as they needed us, because we worked together. We both had a part to play in the everyday life. However, in the times that we live, horses are now used much for leisure, competition etcetera. In many respects it is about money and prestige. Unfortunately, once they have past their best, very often they are put down or sent away, sometimes abroad. However, there are many cases where they are put into retirement from horse racing, and are used for children to interact with or as a domestic horse, where they can live their remaining days in peace, hopefully feeling loved and wanted. All horses are not badly treated, but unfortunately, there are cases when that happens too.

It is very interesting to see how Margaretha have found her direction and her purpose in life, how she combines people, animals and children. She still works part time with children.

– It is the same thing with animals as with children. One should treat animals with respect and it is important to have rules in order to give them structure. As with children, they also need nurturing. We need to show them that there is an order that is quite safe to follow.

You told me that you had this idea of a home for animals when they are retired, why is that important?
– Some of us end up in old people’s homes, and it should be just the same for animals. I believe that all individuals need to feel loved and needed. Would it not be amazing if we could use them with children, sick people and those who are socially excluded etcetera, instead of putting them down even though they are healthy. There they would really have a purpose and both give and receive love.

So do you think a horse has a soul?
– Absolutely! I had a friend many years ago who had a stable with horses, and that is when I first came in contact with them and how they communicate with each other and interact. That was when a new door opened for me. They have a clear language both with their body and the energy and they are

very honest souls.

Do you believe in synchronicity?
– Absolutely!

It is very clear that Margaretha has grown as a human being and that she has found her place. She is an honest person, during the interview she spoke from her soul, which left me with a very warm feeling. I am certain that her work with animals and people is going to be beneficial for them.

Terry Evans                     


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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