Course contents

This course comprises of four parts spread over approximately two years. It is intended for those who wish to have a deeper understanding about themselves, but who also wish to work with mental mediumship. It is an education open to all, both you who have no previous qualifications and those who have.

Throughout the course we will be putting a lot of focus on your personal development, as this is vital in order to further develop within mental mediumship. After having completed the course you will have attained knowledge and skills to be able to work professionally as a medium.

The first year main focus will be on personal development. You will be doing practical exercises with psychometry and intuition. The second year we will be working with spirit contact.

  • During the course we will be looking at ethics and morals, how to convey a message etc.
  • Discussions about mediumship, spirituality etc.
  • Opening up and closing down to spirit through meditation.
  • Deepening your knowledge within relevant areas appertaining to spirituality and mediumship.

To be able to continue with the subsequent course part you need to complete the homework given on the previous course part.

In order to receive a diploma, you need to participate in all course parts, as well as completing all the homework given on each course part.

Course leader: Helen Engström
Qualified Medium and Healer, Cert Angelcard Reader

Helen has been working with mediumship since 2005 and is educated e.g. by Terry Evans.
Learn more about Helen at

References from Helen’s former students

References from Helen’s former students

”PIM came at the right time for me. I have nothing negative to say about this amazing education. Helen offered a very high standard both regarding knowledge and the ability to se and hear all the participants. The structure of all parts was deliberate and good. Helen could be firm when needed, but also show a nice attitude and lovely sense of humour. A lot of laughter and a few tears.

After this education I have continued my pathway as a medium. I have a strong interest and I am going to educate myself further.”
// Stefan Sköldin

”PIM offered great development both with my medium development and my personal development. I gained a lot of clarity and many question marks could be erased. I did actually not believe this education would offer me as much as it did.

This was the first time I did an education. I felt safe and everybody supported one another in such a friendly manner, based on life experience. Helen was one of the reasons for this security. She has an amazing ability to handle us and push us towards what we needed. She could see us with our eyes, our essence.  

I am super grateful and very pleased having done this education. I only wish it had been longer! I warmly recommend you take this course!”
// Terese B

More information

Phone: +46(0)581-519 20

The course starts with dinner at kl 18.00, the first day and is finished off with lunch the fourth day.
Day 2 and 3 we start at 9:30 and finish off at 21:00.


Price: 7 400 kr per course part (incl VAT).

Everything is in included in the price: Course, board and lodging (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee tea in the breaks).
Bedlinen and towels are not included, but are possible to rent for SEK 150.

Addition for single room SEK 350 per night (very limited number)

Course dates

Part 1: 3 – 6 March 2020
Part 2: 29 September – 2 October 2020
Part 3: Date not set
Part 4: Date not set

Already as a child I could hear ”strange” noises and footsteps around me, I could also sense different energies. I already knew there was a life after this! To have the possibility to share this gift is truly amazing. […]

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