Ascala News is a part of our website where we hope to be able to inspire our readers to discover their own potential, the innate intelligence that all human beings have. Our wish is to awaken new insights and set seeds for positive change.

The original, Ascala Magazine, sprung from the dream to write about ordinary people who have done something unusual. Our trade mark was then – and still is – to tell stories from everyday life, about people who might inspire us to think in new ways and develop as human beings.

Ascala News is updated with new, exciting articles on a weekly basis. All articles we offer depicts aspects of the theatre of life; success, drama and hope!

We have many competent writers contributing with inspiring material, go to ”Our Writers” for more information about them. We also have different guest writers, who will appear on the site from time to time. Terry himself will frequently contribute to the page with standing features such as: Terry’s Column, Unsolved Mysteries and Terry’s Classroom.

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