When my journey started with mediumship that is when my guide Ascala physically showed himself standing in front of me for the first time. He reassured me and let me know through feelings he sent to me that I should not be afraid. He said: “I am here to help you. As I show myself as this Buddhist monk I want to share with you how I will be guiding you. You will not always see me. Sometimes I will connect with your unconscious, the instructions give you will come up into your consciousness. With time you will recognise that it is me.”

To make things very simple, he told me he would guide me to the right people and situations. What I want you to focus on first and foremost is to learn how to be a medium, because being a medium is much more than just giving messages. Ascala suddenly comes in: As I stood beside you after the first reading and the first medium development group you attended, I understood your sense of euphoria. When you experienced that emotional high in the beginning, it was because a new door had been opened within, because you were ready for it.

I remember when you said: “I am not going to be working as a medium for a while.” You tested and challenged me. You wanted to know that what you were working with was not just ego; you wanted to make sure you came from the right place. As you stepped back from me you were doing other things that was important for you too, things that were not connected to spirituality. That was an important part of your education.

During this time I contacted you many times, I would tease you and you experienced a lot of physical phenomena. There were times when you felt a little nervous: How am I going to handle this? The most important thing was that you listened and took your time. You wanted to learn how I wanted to work with you and what our purpose was together.

At times your ego was challenged. People would say: I want you to do this or that. That is when you had a choice to listen to me or to them. You listened to me when you said: “No, I am not ready to do that”. There were a few times when you also crossed a line and listened to the voice of your ego. That took you into a couple of difficult situations. However, It was very important for you too to learn to handle those situations.

Sometimes you would go to mediums and when the told you what you would become in the future, you did not allow your ego to take over, to make it happen straight away. You just took one day at a time. You very quickly understood that the most important thing was to get to know yourself as a person, and that you did.

In later years when people told you that you should become a professional medium you said: No, I am not ready yet, but if there is a meaning for me to become professional the opportunity will come to me. I was the one that sent that opportunity to you. That was the day when a spiritual leader of Iceland, Gudrun Marteins, called and asked you to come and work as a medium in Iceland. Then you said yes. The special feeling you had when you accepted the invitation became part of your consciousness. Up until this day you know that if you do not get that feeling it is the wrong decision to make.

So many mediums lose their way because they run before they learnt to walk. As you have realised, Terry, we in the spirit world know everything about you. We have been trying to teach you the essence of who you really are. As you have noticed, in the past years you and I have become closer and closer. We in the spirit world know when it is right for people to take the next step.

The quickest route is the longest route. If you try to do it too quickly we will lose contact with one another. Who would then be giving the messages, would it be us, or would it be your ego trying to please everyone?

I remember when a woman came to you and she was so excited about meeting you. When you opened up we said that there was nobody there to speak to her. You asked us three times, but I said, Access denied. That morning you had already given two readings that had worked fine. We gave you no explanation and that is when you had to say to the lady: “I am really sorry, but they do not wish to speak to you today.” You could have just used intuition and telepathy, but that would not have come from us. You did not choose the route your ego offered, you apologised and gave the lady her money back. From that point on the consultations worked quite well for the rest of the day. That day you passed the test. We just needed to test where you were, with us or with your ego.

Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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