When I started my own personal development and my journey as a medium, healer and teacher I was very quick to realize that it was necessary for me to develop good skills in communication. I was fortunate because in my early days I had some excellent teachers that helped me examine what I needed to learn in order to meet people where they really are and to use a level of communication that they would understand and respond to. At the same time I have always been interested in psychology.

For a number of years I worked as a residential social worker as well as being part of a project with young people that had been in trouble with the law. The purpose with the project was to give these young people a place to go to every day, where they could receive therapeutic support and also learn communication skills. There was also a large resource where they could develop practical skills. By observing these young people in different working groups, and in working with a team of highly educated people within the field of psychology and sociology, I once again was shown my own strengths and weaknesses – especially when good communication skills were necessary.

During this time I attended many seminars and courses that gave me a deeper insight into myself and gave me the opportunity of developing my skills even further. These experiences I also applied when I worked as a medium and a teacher, and in my role being a leader within the building industry.

So much can be lost for a medium or a healer when they are unable to meet the person or the client from their perspective. By the same token, when I am receiving information from spirit contacts, I have to use the language they are giving me and then in turn pass on to the recipient.

To this day I still continue to develop my communication skills, for me that is an ongoing process and the challenges come for example:

When I meet conflict.

When I am teaching.

When I am trying to assist someone coming out from a mind-set that no longer work for them.

These skills I need especially when I am teaching. I personally believe if we mediums and healers developed these skills of communication more then we become a much better channel for spirit.

Terry Evans


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