As I have said many times, my most important class room is life. That is what gives me the most experience and insights into myself. One thing we have to be really careful of is believing that all mediums should work in the same way. We all have our own truth or opinion and people can only work from their own truth, how they see things.

My guide, Ascala, has often had conversations with me and he has said the same thing. Learning as a medium is not just about being in the classroom. The other day I talked to a man who considers himself as a very spiritual person. His way of doing it is to practice yoga and to be a vegan. Does that make him spiritual? That is his believe, who am I to judge? Personally I believe I have learned far more from the challenges and difficulties I have encountered. Sometimes I have not believed in other people’s ways of doing things, but that is their right to work in their way, regardless of what I think.

My way is not the only way. I am not “the way, the truth and the light”. My philosophy as a medium is just to be who I am as a person, the mediumship is just part of me. Of course, I do not always get it right, but the challenge is to learn with an open mind and not fall into the trap thinking I/we have license on truth.

“It is important to turn the mirror to yourself sometimes.

One thing that saddens me is how mediums and healers often still treat one another: My way is the right way. Your way is the wrong. I often hear talk about who is “the best”. We can all fall into a trap where we think that our own way is the best way, but not everybody has the same perception of the world. I have myself fallen into these traps of arrogance before. It is not an easy job to walk that middle line, but when us mediums behave like this, where is the love and light that I so often talked about then?

Sometimes I meet challenges that are really difficult emotionally to handle. I had a business meeting with a man a few weeks ago. He was very rude and not pleasant at all. I reacted and some of the others in the meeting too: What is going on here!? Of course it is okay to dislike someone, but I do not like hostility in any form or people that try to humiliate others. Perhaps I can be like that too? It is important to turn the mirror to yourself sometimes.

Periodically I meet things that broadens my vision to the world and hopefully to other individuals. One thing that I am absolutely sure of is I am not going to create an image that is not me. I can only work from who I am, but of course I can develop. As a medium you have to be honest. It is not just enough to pick up the information it is also how we communicate it.

“It is important for me to just be Terry and to work with the gift I have been given the privilege to work with.

I tried to be what people see as a spiritual person many years ago. I had been to demonstration and listened to lectures. Some of these people holding the lectures could give the impression that they had found perfect balance. The balance I seek today is to be true to myself. It is important for me not to believe that I can be everything to everyone. It is important for me to just be Terry and to work with the gift I have been given the privilege to work with.

All the time we are honest and work for the common good then we are grounded. People have told me: But, Terry, you make mistakes sometimes! They cannot believe I make mistakes. My classroom is to learn from my mistakes, keep in touch with myself as a person and not believe I can fix everything.

Terry Evans is my best teacher, because there is a part within that tells me when I have done something wrong and when I can improve upon my attitude. My inner self is a pretty good friend with quite a sense of humour. My daily companion. A good challenge in life is to be able to say: I made a mistake, I will try not to do that again. That is one of the hardest things. To learn to accept mistakes and find a way to rectify them.

When I prepare myself for the day I never know what is going to happen or how it will affect me, but the greatest freedom is to admit my mistakes and not hide them away. I will never become perfect I just want to be strong enough to accept the challenges of everyday life.

I will be interesting to hear what you have to say about this. Ta-ra! See ya!

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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