It has been my experience that most mediums have their own unique way of working, so here on my page I will be sharing with you the code of conduct that I was taught as I started out as a medium. I was very lucky, because the first lady I had as my teacher she had been teaching for 70 years. Another of my teachers was called Eileen Roberts, she was the president of the organisation “the Institute for Spiritualist Mediums.” Both of them gave me an excellent foundation from which I could develop my way of working with spirit and clients.

I will now tell you a little bit about what is known as mental mediumship, which entails everything you feel and experience within your mind and your consciousness when you work as a medium. Mental mediumship can be broken down into three categories:


Clair audience

Clair sentience

It is the spirit contact who decide which of these three areas they will use to make contact with me. Some will use all three and some just one, it depends on how the contact wish to offer me information. This happens whether I am working with a private consultation or a clairvoyant demonstration.

One thing that have been made very clear to me, both by my early teachers and by my guide Ascala, is that my only function is to be a neutral channel, which means I do not decide who is going to come through when I am working with this form of mediumship. That area of decision making falls within the structure of what I call the organisation of spirit, they decide, not me.

When a spirit come they already have an overview of what is happening in a recipient’s life. As I have said many times, the spirit world knows exactly how we are and who we are, all is transparent to them. That is why I do not answer questions that the clients want the spirit to answer. It is important for a medium to remember that when we are working as mediums we are working for a much higher intelligence than we possess ourselves. The organisation of spirit decides what is appropriate to answer, what is relevant for the persons past or present. That is why I ask my clients to put their questions to one side, or to empty their mind. If I try to answer questions that might sever the contact with the spirit who is coming through.

Another trap that you can fall into is when you start giving people advice about their lives and how they should live them. We have to be very careful when we give advice from ourselves, if we do not walk our talk then our advice is not coming from the right place. When we start giving advice and believe that we can answer everybody’s questions then we fall into what I call the guru complex. In all my years working as a medium, my biggest responsibility to myself has been not to lose my identity as Terry Evans.

I, Terry Evans has to be responsible for my mediumistic ability, the way in which I conduct myself and use my ability. It is a mistake when we allow people to believe we know everything and can see everything. Mediums do not, according to my experience.

My guide Ascala has also pointed out to me the weaknesses and strengths to my personality. In that way he has offered great support in finding that middle ground where Terry the person and Terry the medium come together.

In my class of last week I pointed out the dangers of trying to develop too quickly. When we do that, in many cases we allow our egos to take over and that is when we start making mistakes.

What I offer you is something to think about. Each week I will be offering what I believe is the right thing to do and what we must develop within mediumship to go further. Next week I will be talking about the importance of opening up and closing down as a medium.

Terry Evans



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