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In all my years of working as a medium I must have met thousands of people. When a person comes to see me for a private reading they can have a variety of reasons for wanting to make contact with a spirit person from the other side. Some find themselves in bad health. Some want to know about their love life or perhaps they want advice or guidance on a business venture. Some simply want to hear from a loved one that has passed on and some are looking for hope that things are going to be better in the future. There are those that come to me to see if there is any reality in what I work with.

One thing I have learned about the spirit world is that within their dimension they can see and know everything about us so if we are going to go to a medium we do not have to ask that medium questions. The spirit contact would already have done their homework and they will already have a complete profile of the sitter when making contact through the medium. So we do not need to ask the medium questions. If the medium is a good and neutral channel the contact will give them the answers the spirit contact feel the sitter is ready to have without the questions ever needing to be asked.

It does not matter what medium we go to. We have to be personally responsible for the part we play in our lives and often people want answers to things that we are not ready to be emotionally responsible for. I have found as I became more responsible and in touch with myself the words coming through the medium has proved to be of enormous help. I have met countless people that have potential to develop unbelievable gifts that if developed could have brought better quality to their lives, but how often have I heard from the recipient “But it is difficult. You do not understand”. I have met business people that have made some bad decisions that have brought them to the brink of bankruptcy or beyond, but they can never accept that they with their attitude played a big part in the downfall of their company. I hear the words “It was not my fault. It was just bad luck”. They come to get the help of a medium as a last resort, looking for a solution.

I was often told when going to mediums about my potential as a medium, but I was the one that had to take the step to accept new opportunities when they came knocking on my door. We can never discover our potential unless we take a risk to explore it and learn how to use it whatever form that potential may take. Many come to me because they want spirit to make a decision for them. In all the years I have been working with spirit people they have never made any decisions for me. That is my responsibility. No one else can do that for me, but in the comments and observations they can point the way should we be ready to listen.

The times I have gone to mediums they have by the comments they have made tried to point me in the right direction so that I can follow my potential as a human being. I remember in the early days when the medium would make predictions about the work I would do or what I would become in the future. In all honesty, most of the predictions they made at the time did not make any sense whatsoever. Those whispers from spirit were far removed from my everyday reality. I just put them on a shelf within the archives of my memory. With the attitude “we shall see!” As I step by step started discovering and using the potential I had within and walking the pathway of my own potential then the predictions made in the past proved to be useful signposts when the challenge to take the next step came knocking on my door – “Ah! I remember the medium saying something like that to me years ago.”

Many people have been sent to me thinking that I can make decisions for them or tell them what to do. In other words; they wanted me to tell them how to run their lives. Spirit has never done that to me, either when coming to me directly or using a medium to channel during a reading.

There is a story about a mother that took her son to Mahatma Ghandi. She had been told by a doctor that it was bad for her son to eat sugar. It is said that Ghandi’s reply was “Come back to me in one month’s time”. When the mother returned a month later the answer Ghandi gave her son was: “Please stop eating sugar it is bad for you”. The mother asked: “Why could you not give my son that answer a month ago?” Mr Ghandi’s reply was: “Because I was eating sugar myself”

I think there is a huge danger in giving advice to anybody if we do not live the advice we give. Because then I believe there is no substance to that advice. It is meaningless.

Many people that have come to me over the years, without realising it, have been looking for shortcuts to solving problems. Many develop a dependency of the medium, which can be dangerous. For me, the best attitude to have when you go to a medium is an open mind without expectations, so that you are truly open to receive how the spirit world whish to communicate with you.

Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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