Many people talk about spirit guides, but I can only speak about the relationship I have had with my guides, especially Ascala. He is the main personality, so to speak. Part of his job is to check me out. He follows me through my everyday life. It is almost as if I am being studied, observed.

Sometimes Ascala steps back, because he wants to see how I will deal with things when I try to solve the problem, and then, when my mind stops searching, he uses his mind to sends me clues so that I can start to solve the problem. I might come to think of someone that can help me, it just appears.

If I find myself in a particular situation that I do not have the knowledge of or experience to deal with it, or the knowledge of. The interesting thing is that I will suddenly meet someone who can teach me and help me with the dilemma or the problem I have been facing. This has happened to me many times. Someone has walked into my life to teach me, someone with knowledge that I do not possess.

These visitors just seem to come out of nowhere, normally at the right time and place. What has this made me realise? Give and you shall receive, as the saying goes. Every time I meet such a person, who walks into my life, it is very important to go into humility and learn from what that person can give. That is the answer to the problem. I never have to look for these people.

“Send out a question to your guide or guides and I am sure you will receive guidance, but not always in the way you expect or want.

The lesson for me is, help is always available if I can seek out help without demands or restrictions. It is not always an easy thing to trust this, but I know from experience that this is how it works. Something to think about: BE PATIENT. This avoids me from searching for the answer, because I know it will come to me.

I remember a boss I had many years ago. A good man, a powerful leader within construction. He always used to say: “If you do not know – ask. Do not be afraid of that. Do not allow the fear of making mistakes shut you down and preventing you from moving forward.”

Next time you have a problem or you are in a situation that you cannot resolve remember: There is no humiliation to say “I do not know”. Send out a question to your guide or guides and I am sure you will receive guidance, but not always in the way you expect or want. Guides are not there to do everything for you, but they can open up doors or give you suggestions.

It is a good feeling to know I have this companion watching over me.

Terry Evans


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