The journey we make through life is our biggest class room. One of the most important classrooms is everyday life, whether it be in terms of my own personal development or my development as a medium. The amazing thing is it constantly issues challenges to show us how far we really have developed. The problem is we, in our haste, can fall into the trap thinking that we are much more competent than we really are. The biggest lesson for me is to tell myself the truth about how I really am and how I handle criticism, how I react to it.

If I have had a good demonstration or a good course then I am happy with that, but there are other times when I have not been able to live up to my ego’s expectations, but those times have reminded me that I am a person too that cannot always get everything right. It is not possible to live up to other people’s expectations of you. All you can do is try to be the neutral channel and offer what you are given. I have to focus on giving what I see and feel.

’’We need failure to remind ourselves that we are fallible.

The classroom of life is ever changing. Every person I meet is unique, also their ideas or issues about life. Whether I am working with TV or demonstrations I never know what to expect. Some people do not like the way I work and some do. We need failure to remind ourselves that we are fallible, we can meet things that are very difficult to handle.

What gives me freedom is I just want to be who I am, at the same time, when I work I want to have an open mind so that I am really listening.

Students are great teachers for me, life is and my friends are. One thing I find very difficult to follow, or rather something I know I will never be able to follow, is trying to be everything to everyone. My saving grace is to admit my mistakes and to say I am sorry, to treat people with respect and at times to be strong enough to meet people’s projections. What they cannot handle themselves people sometimes try to give to me.

This is the conflict that sometimes goes on within me. I have to decide how I want to work every day. Truth or ego.

Terry Evans


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