The story of the owl began one hot, humid summer’s night. It was a few years before I turned professional as a medium. Suddenly standing before me was this North American Indian. He had long, grey hair and the lines on his face showed that he was a very, very old man. It was not a dream and I did not see that image inside my head, it was external(This kind of phenomenon is known as projected clair voyance).

So, I asked this image:
– Who are you? Why have you come?
I heard these words:
– The figure you see is a symbol of my age and my wisdom. My name is Grey Owl. As with all owls I can see in the darkness. I have come to take you on a journey, to guide you through the wilderness within and to help you see aspects of yourself so you can meet yourself as you really are.
I had often asked for help prior to this meeting, for something that would help me to better understand who and what I really was.

’’During that time I never knew when he would appear. It could be in dreams, sometimes it was in meditation.

I did not know if he was a real Indian, but that it was not his potential identity that had an impact on me, it was the words that he had offered and the power they carried. Those words were the beginning of an intensive journey that lasted for seven years. During that time I never knew when he would appear. It could be in dreams, sometimes it was in meditation. On rare occasions he would just appear in front of me. He never came on demand, but in hindsight I realized that he appeared when I needed help to open new doors that would offer new realizations and give insights. He never pushed me to walk through these doors. He would just stand beside me and say:
– It is your choice.

A few days after our first meeting, as I was meditating one day, I suddenly found myself standing on the banks of a huge river, so wide I could hardly see to the other side. Then Grey Owl said:
– Jump into the river, swim to the other side.
My words were:
– But you must tell me if I will get to the other side and what will happen once I reach the other side. He turned to me and just smiled, so I jumped. In plunging into that symbolic river I had to take a huge risk. I was afraid. Crossing over the river was a journey that lasted for seven years. The experience was not always pleasant, just like life; I did not know which way the current would take me. I met a myriad of feelings, some that I had never come into contact with before and some that I already recognized.

’’It was a completely new beginning in my life; it gave my life a new meaning and direction.

That river crossing brought me into contact with so many unknown aspects within myself. Sometimes it was easy going and sometimes it was tough, but one day, without realizing, the journey was complete. There waiting for me on completion of this journey was Grey Owl, just nodding his head in approval. Then without even asking I had these huge realisations of what this journey had given me. I found strength in my weaknesses and a resolve to dare to accept more challenges, those challenges being a compass to discover new aspects of my intelligence and helping me blaze the new trails through my inner wilderness. It was a completely new beginning in my life; it gave my life a new meaning and direction.

For me Grey Owl was a symbolic visitor, a visitor from a higher dimension who sees and knows all. He was my mentor. He took me into areas of my mind that I did not even know existed. He was my psychologist, my healer and he taught me to be a warrior in another way. He taught me to trust and he enabled me to begin to find a new identity based on who I really am opposed to how I wish the world to see me.

In looking back I realise that Grey Owl was ever present, so I was never really alone. Having crossed that river he offered these words:
– I have to step back from you for a while and leave you to develop your skills, and to understand the experience that the river crossing gave you. I will come and visit you from time to time when I feel you need my help, but not when you demand it. As he had said his farewells and walked off into the distance I found a whole new road ahead of me, one that I was willing to take responsibility for: The road to who I really am.

So this is why I have so many owls at my course centre, the owl is my totem and a constant reminder of my task ahead.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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