I would like to share with you how I work with a clairvoyant demonstration. Before I start working I go to a kind of meeting place where I meet my guide, the one who takes responsibility when I work with clairvoyant demonstrations. First of all I always ask for permission to be used as a neutral channel. Then the guide and I normally have a short discussion about what to expect, the flow throughout the séance.  What do I mean by that? How the people in the audience are feeling generally and what the energies in the hall is like, which depends on what events have been held in the hall before. So, the guide named Ascala prepares me for the evening.

It is fascinating when I can see the crowd of people waiting to come through. At this point I just see figures in the light. Then when I start to work the guide calls the first person forward, who starts communicating with me, by showing me pictures, give me words or send strong feelings. I never decide how they are going to communicate. The spirit contact does that themselves, but it is amazing the different techniques they use to find the person in the audience that they wish to come into contact with. Sometimes they give their name or the name of the person that they wish to talk to. It is amazing to convey the different personalities coming through, I never know what to expect until they make the connection.

There are times when a spirit contact takes their time to let the recipient know who they were and sometimes they speak directly. Sometimes the message they have to convey can be both serious and funny. The spirit contacts let the recipients know they have been visiting their house and that they know what they have been up to. Sometimes the communicating spirit will thank them for the help, love and the care that was given by the recipient of the message before the person passed over. It is amazing how the communicating spirit can have an effect on my body and my mind; it is as if I become them.

I often say, I am just a neutral channel for spirit. I do not decide who the spirit visitor will be or what they will talk about. I do not call them, Ascala arranges all that. They come, give the message, step back from me and then the next one in the queue steps forward.

When I work as a medium Ascala’s roll is that of the so called gate keeper that keeps order and does not let any negative energy to affect me. I find myself in a negative-free zone where I am protected. After the clairvoyant demonstration is finished we have a 30 minute break, after which I invite the audience to ask questions about my work and life as a medium. Once I take the first question people become less shy and the questions are presented fast and furiously. Sometimes I do not know the answer; it is not true that a medium knows everything. Hopefully the answer I give helps that person understand a little bit more about themselves and what is happening around them.

The interesting thing is that there in the audience are people of every walk of life. Some are just curious and want to find out what a clairvoyant demonstration is all about. Some hope to be reunited with a loved one. Some are sceptical and just want to prove me wrong. They come for a multitude of reasons.

After the demonstration I say thank you to spirit for working with me and then close down the channel.

Terry Evans


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