On Monday and Tuesday evening I did clairvoyant demonstrations in Örebro castle. I have visited the castle on previous occasions, for different reasons. One that springs to mind is the time when I took a group of students there, who were on the education Psychic Investigation and Cleansing. That time I could not focus so much on the castle, as I was taking care of the students, making sure the they were doing their job.

As I walked into the castle on Monday it was like walking into another world, a world of feelings and memories, from people that were living and working there in the past. It was as if the memories were talking to me, as if they wanted to be remembered and acknowledged. If I were to do an investigation there, I would be there indefinitely. It has so many memories, but some of them kind of remain hidden, as if the truth is hiding away. There are so many layers.

I was trying to remain neutral there, but the feelings were so strong, it was as if I was being surrounded and observed. Almost as if they were thinking: Perhaps this person can see us. In the room we where working there were pictures of kings and queens who had been living in the castle. As we walk around in the castle, we are constantly surrounded by memories. Imagine if I had the time to connect with all those memories! It would be an interesting journey to take.

Every human being is actually surrounded by memories, feelings and experiences. Those silent voices that wish to be heard, we do not consciously pick it up, but it is there and it is fascinating. There were several tracks that I would have loved to explore, but unfortunately there was no time. But it awoke my love of investigating and researching the past, like I did when I worked for Förnimmelse av Mord and Det Okända. You never knew what you would experience.

As a kid I was always so curious. When I use that part of my mind it is an adventure, because I never know what I will discover or what will confront me. Mysteries are there to be resolved. The past tells a story. It is just like when I hold a persons object, it begins to tell a story about who they are. The journey of discovery is a never-ending journey. I used to have a fantasy about being able to go into the past and just to witness and observe. That would have been the ultimate adventure!

/Terry Evans


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