Of late I have had a need to turn inwardly to catch up with myself. This alleviates stress and my mind slows down. I practice this when I feel a need to step back. I might practice this for a day or two, I do not sit in it all the time. This helps me when I feel I am about to become really exhausted. It is like refuelling yourself.

It is a simple practice available for everyone. You just have to close your eyes and imagine a place; a cave, underneath a tree or whatever place that suits you. I just sit there and put all my expectations to the side. I do this for 30 minutes or so. It has an effect; it rejuvenates and clears out unnecessary thoughts. I do this just to relax body and mind and to allow them to synchronise. It is not about getting messages or finding answers. This is a simple little discipline. I have also found that when I go into that mode questions that I have not been able to answer I will find answers to, without looking for them.

Doing something like this from time to time gives me a perspective, where I am and what I feel. It gives me new energy and sometimes it releases unwanted energy. It is like cleaning out, wiping off all the dust within my mind! It helps me think clearly. If I did not do this, I think I could run out of energy sometimes.

The most important thing for me is that it reconnects me with myself and recharges my battery. Sometimes when I think I am not that tired I will fall asleep whilst meditating. Many of us do not receive the sleep that we need.

This is something that you can do at home, in the park on a train – anywhere! You do it when you have time. Try it out! I think it might be quite surprising how powerful and enlightening this could be for you. Going within can offer you more than taking a nap.

Enjoy your weekend and do not get stressed about Christmas shopping etcetera. Focus is on coming together and enjoying one another’s company. Have a nice weekend!

/Terry Evans


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