We have begun our course “Autumn week” here at the course centre. When we start the course, I always ask the participants to introduce themselves and tell the group why they wanted to come to this course. You can see that some of them are nervous and unsure and you can see their vulnerability coming to the fore. I always tell them that I am not interested in their status, what job they do or how much they know. It is irrelevant. I give them a challenge – Just to be themselves, come out behind the mask and dare to show the world who they really are.

I use varied methods and tools to do this. I can be straight – as many people know. It is also wonderful to make them laugh and have a joke with them. It is an amazing thing when someone realise that “here I feel safe enough to show parts of myself that I normally do not show in my everyday life”.

When they begin to relax, they are so much more open and easier to communicate with. They begin to recognise and share sides that they need to work on, to begin to discover their identity and what they wish to do whit their lives. It is wonderful to see a human being daring to come out of the cave that they have been hiding in for so long, and it is lovely to see them discover that it is not that scary. I remember what it felt like when I came out of my cave, I was nervous and felt extremely vulnerable.

The foundation of the course is the Mountain Meditation, which we use as a tool to open up and for personal development. Today we are continuing working with intuition and by Thursday morning we will be using the meditation to learn how to connect with the frequency of the spirit world. Then on Friday we cross over another line and go into mental mediumship.

“The participants learn to meet their feelings and to embrace them, whatever type of feeling it can be.

With each day that passes you can see the light in their eyes returning, along with a sense of enthusiasm. What begins to come to the fore are feelings of hope; a realisation that it is possible to release ourselves from the inner demons that have been hindering us for so long.

We have these courses four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. One could say each and every one of the participants also experience four different seasons, different parts of themselves that they have never been able to identify by themselves. Every day we share a wide spectrum of feelings and every day there is a lot of laughter. The participants learn to meet their feelings and to embrace them, whatever type of feeling it can be. They discover a new strength and feel a new power within, and they begin to stand their ground and say to those feelings: ”You can be there, but I am not going let you control me in the way you have before.”

The last evening they create themselves and often it is payback time for Terry. It is a fun evening. As they say good bye the following day they have another expression in their faces. Many of them have discovered another part of their identity. As we say farewell, I hope that the little kickstart they have had at Gamla Byskolan will help them to take new steps on their path to self-discovery.

/Terry Evans


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