Evolution and development


As I have said many times before I believe in the necessity of personal development for mediums to know themselves. I have also worked to understand the nature of the spirit world better. Spirit have guided me to the place where I am today as I am writing this. Spirit, or the universal intelligence, is there to help mankind evolve and to go beyond intellect and traditional science. What I have learned has taken me into levels of consciousness that I did not realise was there before. This intelligence has also brought me in touch with my own natural intelligence. Evolution is inevitable and development very important.

When children are experiencing paranormal activity, the reasons for it is because their minds are open for it. They are naturally open and receptive. What they are seeing therefore is not always imagination. I get calls every day, from parents with children who have paranormal experiences.

With each generation children carry with them a higher level of consciousness that they discover once they arrive here, and it goes beyond what is considered the norm. I was one of those children who from a very early age had countless experiences that I did not understand and could not put a structure to. I would sometimes leave my body. Spirit could also come to me to make me aware of when there was a negative energy present, from this life or beyond. What I experienced and felt was not imagination, but who could I turn to? Nobody, they did not really understand.

What I am and believe in is not something that can be taken away or be brushed aside, it has been there as long as I can remember. It has been valuable through out my life. As a child I did not know who I was, but what I call the knowing, always tried to warn me when there was danger. People laughed at me, but everything I said was proven to be correct at a later date.

The plan of the universal intelligence is to send these souls who can understand parapsychology and mediumship into our world. They wish to guide mankind to a higher level of consciousness. They will not provide us with the answers for much longer. As I write this I draw upon a lifetime of experiences. I have worked with mediumship and parapsychology for 50 years.

I have been attacked, ridiculed and laughed at by people with closed minds. But this is the journey that I decided to take before I came into the incarnation that I now find myself in. That is why, some years ago, I helped start an organisation called Barnens Röst, with the hope that it would support adults with children that have experiences that adults cannot put into a structure. These children need help, to be understood and to be guided. One day they have important work to do. How long it will take I do not know.

This is a message to all of those who believe in spirit. Perhaps one day people will step forward to work together with me, using our different skills and knowledge to help children grow and mature so that they one day can play a vital part in the evolution of mankind.

Naturally everybody has the right to believe in their own way. What I am talking about is something that the children of the future will need and therefore adults need to begin to have a more open mind.

This is what I feel is important and there are other souls out there who feel the same. The responsibility lies with us. I know people within science and healthcare who feel the same, but professional ethics do not allow them to “come out”.

It is better to understand children at a very early age, allow them to say what they are experiencing and give them the opportunity to express themselves and feel that someone is listening.

I just wanted to share my feelings about this with you. So where do we go from here?

/Terry Evans


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