Down through the years I have had many educations with people who have wanted to develop and discover their true purpose. When I work it is to help individuals realise what they are worth, what they can do and achieve. It takes time, there are no shortcuts. I have seen my students struggle, thinking “I cannot do this”. But it is so amazing to see them gradually leaving it behind, realising they can do it. A part of them is ready to open up and to get in touch with who they are etcetera. That, which has been missing in their lives.

I remember one day many years ago, I had a meditation group in London where the participants learnt to open up. There was a woman who had no self-confidence at all. When it was time to finish the group and they were going to give a message at a small demonstration, she showed a completely different side to herself. The woman blossomed as she came on the platform; she had found something she felt she could do. Her self-confidence had grown. It was like she had left a dark room.

To learn to be a medium is not just about learning to speak to spirits. It is so much more, it is about getting to know ourself, discovering aspects that you did not know existed or things that need to be developed within. It is a life long journey, but if we work with the spirit intelligence, the changes and the miracles that can come your way are fantastic. We all have this huge resource within. It is about finding our own truth – what you can become.

When I opened up my spiritual potential it was an incredible experience. I can still think: How on earth did this happen? I opened the door to myself and stepped across a line. When you open up your mind and your heart, and connect with your true essence, it will change your life.

Spirit intelligence has also helped me when I have been sick. It has been there by my side. This intelligence always knows when to give us the help and support that we need, but it does not always mean we get things the way we want it. Many years ago, I had to have complicated facial surgery because of cancer. The day after the first surgery my grandmother who was in spirit sat with me in the room and talked to me. She told me that things would be okay. It was very reassuring. I felt secure.

Spirit have so much in abundance to offer, not just to give messages. The journey I have made has certainly not just been about being a medium. It has opened up my mind to so much more regarding myself.

Would you like to make that journey? The spirit intelligence, or whatever we want to call it, has a huge resource to offer to help us find balance in life. They are never far away, but they can only help those who want to do the work with themselves.

It is a real pleasure to see the many people that I have taught going out into the world to make something of themselves. It gives me great joy to see their success. I truly want to thank my students of the experiences, because you have all taught me so much. Thank you all for being there. The effort you have made in your lives has also touched the hearts of many others.


/Terry Evans


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