Now my holiday is coming to an end and I am looking forward to going back to work. I sometimes think: What would I do if I did not have work? It is a way of life, my passion.

As a child I was a dreamer. Over the years the dreams and what I imagined or felt became a reality. By using my realisations and letting them become a part of my life it has been enriching. These realisations have given me an idea of where I am in relation to the rest of the world. I have always been a restless spirit, but with this new phase that is about to begin in my life I have something much more solid to stand on. I feel strong changes coming, I do not know what they will be, but time and synchronicity will take me there.

The past three years have been tough going at times, but the good thing that has come from this is that I have discovered new things about who I am. There is not so much I regret about my life. It has been interesting, many different kinds of adventures for me. So, where do I go now?

I asked Ascala:
– Should I retire completely?
He just laughed and said:
– Terry you are not finished yet. You would not believe if I told you what is awaiting. Just like you did not believe that medium, who told you about your future, many years ago.

I just feel it is time to move on. Within me there is strong feeling of stirring and change. We will se where it will take me. I want to create something for the future, something that will help mediums and spirit to take things forward, going into new dimensions.

All the things I learned during the research in China are like building blocks and I have to take my time to put them together. It is like with any idea; you might think you have a good idea, but then you realise that it does not really fit the construction and you have to rethink.

Those of you that have the same kind of restless feelings, listen to them. Do not push them away. There are many of you out there that have important things to do for the future. I feel that there are a lot of things stirring within my body and mind. It is time for change. At the same time, I feel a lot of peace. It is time for me to embrace these new changes. If there is any truth to what I am saying synchronicity will kick in and start the creation.

I just wanted to share my thoughts ideas and inspiration with you, and as I write this I have to smile, because I can see Ascala smiling at me saying:
– Now I know you are listening to me, let’s move on and start building.

/Terry Evans


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