I would like to continue talking about the universal intelligence. When I have been working with this intelligence it has opened up parts of my mind that has offered me information that I could not discover intellectually. Within the human mind there are different levels of consciousness. Each level offers different kinds of intelligence and once you begin to understand how it works you will receive greater access to the archives of the mind.

As you travel through these levels of consciousness it offers access to old knowledge. I have used some of this inner knowledge, which has given me information about the human mind and how this knowledge could be used to greater extent in the future.

The universal intelligence connects with us through our senses. Therefore, I believe for mankind to continue evolving it is time for us to place more emphasis on quantum physics. These frequencies that the higher intelligence is working on is something we have to learn how to read and not just dismiss it because it does not fit into the scientifical framework of today. I do believe traditional science is important, but it does not give us all the answers.

This old knowledge has taught me how to understand frequencies by the means of mathematics, by using a simple routine that is repeated at each level of consciousness, which takes me further, to the next level. I just need to have trust and follow this, but it is not something that you can learn overnight – it takes a lifetime.

I use these frequencies when I work as a medium. My wish is that I will be able to leave behind a legacy with this information. This is something I have been working with before I went to China, where I was part of a research programme, and it started when the professor in charge of the project came to me, quite unexpectedly, in a meditation some time before we actually made contact. He talked about this process that would take me back to old knowledge that in part goes back to the time of Archimedes. Within the universal intelligence there is a lot of information that has been buried for quite some time. Humankind simply lost the ability to use it.

Within that part of my mind, I found a matrix that holds the key to a lot of this information; the archives from the past. To go into this part of the mind you have to be in good psychological balance. When I made this journey, I had to become accustomed to these frequencies, but they were so powerful that they took me to the very limit of what I was able to cope with mentally and physically.

The work with these frequencies is still in its primary stages, but it is something that I hope I will have the opportunity to work with. I certainly believe that if we open up this part of our mind, it is going to be beneficial to the evolution of humankind. By using these techniques, it guides you back to who you really are and what you are meant to do with your life.

I hope that I will one day be able to pass this information on to others that are interested in learning how to use this. I hope that it is part of what I am meant to do with the time I have left in this life. Time will tell.

Are we open enough and prepared to put to one side what we already know to further develop as human beings? I think it is necessary for our future.

/Terry Evans




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